Read this if you need replacement Eldorado & London Sessions

If I hit register new product on my inMusic profile and enter the serials that exist on the FXpansion
site for BFD 1 and 2, will they show up in my license manager and then be available for download?

@Bos Don’t download, or install the FX BFD1+2 installers. The replacement serials are for the identical libraries, but they are different libraries by name and have unique installers.

No, you can’t register any BFD products on the inMusic website. That is done through the License Manager only and no it won’t recognize BFD1+2 serials. I’ll tag @BFD_Drew, but read this post on how to gain PM privileges on the forum.


Thank you. I have another question. The content for BFD3 has been downloaded and is showing up in the installer. If I wan’t to move it to an external drive is it to late to change the path when I run the installer or will I have to do it manually and redirect the path in BFD itself? Is it even necessary to put the content on an external drive?

@Bos You can manually move expansions to any other location after installation. You have to go into BFD3 content locations, delete the old path and add the new one.

I highly recommend keeping your expansions, or any sample libraries for that matter on a dedicated drive. The core library alone is a decent size and will take up valuable space on your boot drive if you install it there. This can create bottlenecks as your system and applications will be sharing the bandwidth of the SATA/NVMe bus with your expansions. It will also create more wear and tear on your boot drive, having to load large files all the time, which can lead to premature failure.

Another drawback is that in the event that you have to clone, or migrate your boot drive to another, it’s going to take that much longer if you’ve got GB’s of sample libraries on it. Boot drives and SSD’s in particular will perform best when they have more free space to work with. Generally that’s at least 25% free drive space. This is especially important if you have smaller boot drives like 250GB or less.

All that said, if you don’t have an external drive that you can use and your boot drive is 512GB+ and a more modern machine, then you can definitely run your libraries from it and it should be ok, especially if you’re just running BFD3 standalone. If you’re running it within your DAW with larger sessions, then you may notice performance issues. If you have enough RAM, you can always have BFD3 load all samples to RAM, which will help any performance issues using one drive, but you need a hefty amount of memory.

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Sent off a request but I’m thinking I need to post a few things before I get a reply. Happy Tuesday everyone!

When you say you sent off a request, do you mean you sent Drew a private message or filled in an on line support ticket?

If you want to PM @BFD_Drew or other staff you’ll need to have read a certain number of posts.


Thanks for the response Steve… I sent a PM to him. I guess I’ll need to start posting.

Happy Wednesday!

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Hello there,
I’ve got an older version of BFD which I’d like to migrate into BFD3. I’d like to PM Drew, but I cannot see the message option yet. Reading the comments above, it looks like I need to leave some messages on the forum first, so here’s message number 1. :slight_smile:

I think it’s as much about reading a certain number of posts as well.
I’m not sure how many exactly but I think it’s only like 10 or something then you can PM @BFD_Drew


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I have sent 2 PMs @ BFD_Drew in order to get a license number for The London Sessions with all the information needed:
My old FXPansion username, Product serial number and inMusic Profile username.
As I did not get any reply from him, I bought a new licensecode from a music store.

Jan Kristensen

All I wanted for x-mas was a new serial-number for BFD2 to work after migration …

Although sending Drew multiple PMs over de last two-and-a-half weeks there has been no reaction whatsoever. That’s sad.

By sending this message in the open I hope this soon will b fixed.

Happy new year everybody

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I’ve been off work for the last two weeks. Will catch up on private messages and serial requests this week. Apologies for the delay.


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