Read this if you need replacement Eldorado & London Sessions

The same thing happened to me when he gave me mine. Just reply to his PM and he’ll send another, unused serial.

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I’ve already replied and fixed.


Me too! This is totally weird. I can’t believe this is a business’ solution to a problem.

@Pettycells You can always put in a support ticket on the official BFD website to get your replacement serials, if you do not wish to do the PM route here, but it’s debatable which method yields quicker results.

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Sent my ticket in since PM route failed. Better work this time.

Anyone know which expansion/version included the Tamburo Gong Drum? That’s one of my key pieces that’s unavailable. I’m seeing it in my BFD2 Audio folder, but not in any of my expansions.

Also, what about the Yamaha Cases and YS2 Lite Signature Snares? I have these, as well.

The Gong Drum was part of BFD2 and is now in The London Sessions.

The YS2 Signature snares where part of the Heavy Kit.
The Yamaha Cases were part of the Maple Custom Absolute.


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