Post any Feature requests you may have for the BFD Expansions in this category!

Post any Feature requests you may have for the BFD Expansions in this category!

A good dub reggae and Ska expansion kit with lots of nice presets would be cool.

Start off by listening to Linton Kwesi Johnson’s Bass Culture or anything by Denis Bovel, Mikey Dread, Eka Mouse and chuck in some old Jamaican ska like the Skatalites, Prince Buster, Baba Brooks and Don Drumond . :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this falls into the BFP category, but I’d like your (the team’s) take on world percussion.

In the BFD realm, I’d like more drumsticks, especially in cymbals where they play a spectacular role at times, and an option for two or three popular skin choices.

I wash my hands on the download size though. :sweat_smile:

Edit: I wouldn’t say no to a Sabian HHX Legacy pack. What a set!

How about bringing back the Deluxe pack. I can’t understand why it went away in the first place.


A Noble & Cooley kit from the early 90’s to pay homage to a great friend and mentor of mine who passed away. I wish I knew which kit he had exactly, but it was big and beefy and he played the hell out of it. Edit: It may have been the CD Maples Series in Natural Oil finish.

Maybe some smaller cymbal expansion packs, where you don’t have to go all in with a whole vault.

And as SF_Green suggested, bringing back the Deluxe pack, maybe XFL as well.


A Mapex Saturn Kit. Walnut inside and maple outside would be nice.

I’d love a Mapex Black Panther snare

A wish/idea I have for further BFD sample library content is the ability to buy and download
separate or single kit pieces (mainly kicks and snares). I often find myself building “Frankenstein” kits for example the kick from one kit and the snare from another and the toms from another and so on. Would this be a bad business model where customer can buy separate single kit pieces? I have Crush, Heavy, Oblivion, Sabian vault, Oak custom, signature snares. I sometimes wish I could just access/buy one single instrument from one kit and not having to buy/download the whole sample library with mallets and rods hits that Im not interested in. Ex. Kit1: Snare download / Toms (all) download / Kick download / Cymbals (all) download. This is just a thought as a customer and BFD3 user.

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More highhat options.

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Definitely more hihat articulations, especially on the tighter end. Maybe even add articulations between tip and shank.

Similarly, snare articulations for off-center hits.