Post any Feature requests you may have for the BFD Expansions in this category!

@SF_Green +1 for the voting feature, but isn’t that kinda what clicking the hearts are for?

I think Drew already explained that BFD no longer has the rights to that Zildjian expansion.


Likes are more generic and you can like things for different reasons. Likes are per post, while a vote is for a topic, i.e., a specific feature request. Also likes are unlimited, which dilutes their effect. You can like a large number of posts per day. You only get six votes permanently: it makes them far more valuable, trust me. Additionally, votes can be easily tabulated, and viewed in rank order from the moderator/admin side of things making them far more useful to the forum owners. So implementing them would require a little work on our side and we would need to start redoing feature requests into one request per topic so it can be voted on properly. Drew and/or the forum admin would probably need to assign a few of us plebes as moderators to help with that. The Steinberg forum is quite large and there are many users who are moderators to help with that task. Plus there are more “Drew’s”: Steinberg employees who help out in certain areas in addition to user moderators.
Yes, I recall Drew explaining about the Zildjian situation. But it’s a good example of using votes to show interest and maybe if enough people voted for that, Drew would then have some real data to go to upper management and argue the case to have another round of negotiations with Zildjian.

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I think previously they took a top 10 from the ‘what do you want in BFD4 thread’ and asked us to vote for our favourites.


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That sounds about right. The thing is with votes is they stick around. So after the top ten make BFD 4.0, they can go back to the votes and grab the next couple for 4.1. Also, the votes aren’t static: you can undo a vote and cast it for a new request, perhaps after seeing 4.0 and some new requests pop up.
It seems to work well over on Steinberg and I like the flexibility.
Just throwing it out there since it’s the same software and is easy to implement.


mine are on sale at eBay at the moment:

I would love a Meinl Cymbals expansion.
Pure Alloy, Byzance, it would be Great.


While you are waiting consider the BFD CRUSH Expansion…it is the only one with MEINL Cymbals…
and according to a recent post by Drew…there is a Future Hi Hat content/upgrade for the Expanded Hi Hat Engine…

10” Meinl Dark Splash
10” Meinl Dark Splash & 14” Meinl Byzance China (Meinl Stack 3)
14" Meinl Heavy Soundwave Hihat
14” Meinl Byzance Thin Crash
14” Meinl Byzance Thin Crash & 14” Meinl Byzance China (Meinl Stack 1)
14" Meinl Byzance China
16" Meinl Byzance Dry Crash
16” Meinl Byzance Dry Crash & 14” Meinl Byzance China (Meinl Stack 2)
18" Meinl Byzance Thin Crash
22” Meinl Byzance Ride

Hello Chaser!

Yes, i will get Crush.

Im not sure if i like the cymbal sizes, specially the china and crashes. I believe it should be at least some 20 and 19 crashes and an 18 china.

The dry ride sounds amazing and the hi hat is really well sampled.

I usually use 2 crashes, 1 ride and 1 china so feel i dont have much options in this expansion, pretty much just one of each.

The byzance series is really deep: you can go from traditional, brilliant, polyphonic, dual, dark, sand, dry, extra dry…so many options and endless combinations.
The pure alloy series it’s a Great recording cymbal and sounds amazing to my ears.

I believe people would really enjoy an expansion like that.

More cymbals, Istanbul and some more Bosphorus would be great for starters.
Plenty more brands, more Paiste would be good, Ufip, Zyn etc.
BFD3 caters very well for those working in Rock and heavier styles but, there are so many other musical styles out there, Funk, Soul, Jazz funk (Istanbul and Bosphorus are particularly good for these genres), Paiste are a great alternative where Zildjian and Sabian might be used.
Old Ufip and Zyns for oldschool punk/garage etc.
More levels of detail would be welcome too.
Tom resonance on all expansions too please.


It’s funny, but one of the many reasons I opted for BFD2 was because it was less ‘heavy rock and metal’ orientated. Angus & Drew didn’t have long hair and goatees and that was enough for me. :wink:

I does seem to drifted into that abyss in the last few years though.


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Ironically, back in 2008 when I first joined BFD, this wasn’t really the case. We’ve upped our game in that area considerably since the BFD2 days because we simply had to, but of course we try to work for as many genres as possible.

I think a lot of people get pushed in one direction or another by marketing - which is obviously a necessary evil - but the reality is… if you tune the kit well, have a nice room, have some good gear, and play the drums well… your typical session can really apply to a lot of different genres; tastes obviously permitting.

Here’s how I look at it… its all about the core tonality. If you want boomy ringy drums, Vintage Recording Techniques or Horsepower will get you there. If you want tighter drums with brushes, Jazz Noir will do a lot of different genres, even if it is pitched at jazz. If you want something more akin to a core library vibe where the drums need to be versatile, then Dark Farm will hit that.

Fundamentally - and part of the reason that drum plugins are even still in business - drums are a really maleable thing, and you can do so much with them. There will never be any point where you have enough drum samples!!


Hey, I used to have long hair… when I was 19. :rofl:


Me too. I don’t like power drums, don’t like big whacking snares nor thunderous bassdrums or huge toms, don’t like 80’s drumsounds, in short: I don’t like testosterone or anabolica in drumtracks, … I like the well-recorded, not overly processed sound of simple, unassuming, unhyped, natural, acoustic drums. Luckily, BFD3 (+ one or two expansions) delivers exactly that better than any other virtual drums solution I know (and I know most of them). To illustrate the sort of drumsound I like with an example: this is the first thing I ever did with BFD3, early last year.

So I’m quite happy with the current core library and a small selection of the existing expansions. But if there was something new released that answers to the above description of what I prefer, I’d welcome it with open arms of course.

One thing that’s still sorely lacking — I mentioned this in another thread as well — is good brushes.

A (vintage) Sonor Teardrop kit, I would like that.

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We were all young once :joy:



Granted, but my post was really about cymbals, although expansions like JnF were awesome at the time, still are actually, a few more levels of detail would be welcome too.
Primarily though, a wider range of cymbals would be incredibly welcome here :grin:


Agreed. We have plans here for sure.

Nice! :sunglasses:

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Percussion Expansion Presets. The original BFD2 presets and groove pallets are MIA. I have talked with tech support numerous times about this. I had purchased them with BFD3 back when FX Expansion owned the platform, the presets & associated groove palates were one of the main reasons I bought the the expansion. Disclaimer: I am not a drummer or percussionist… so without those presets and grooves it’s kind of a useless expansion. Percussion is a whole other world from drumming, obviously. I have tried a few times to get the presets and grooves from a user on the forum who had a great YouTube video doing an in-depth look at the expansion. The presets are there and I had them in my original install of BFD3. I had to re-install the whole sytem 3 times due to changeover issues from FX Expansion, Roli, then InMusic. ( FREE STUFF PLEASE… ) Sadly, there are only 3 presets that are pretty weak, and the groove pallets do not align with the presets. It would be great to a) get those original presets & grooves from BFD2. b. To purchase new content from BFD that has new groove pallets, presets, and expansions available.

I think you guys are dropping the ball on this one, It may not be a huge seller but invaluable tool. I have spoken to Russell at Groove Monkee about them doing one or multiple but no action thus far. How about an expansion with Nana Vasconcelos, or Manolo Badrena, or any number of world-class ear candy genius percussion artists?

@rfw If you can still download the installer from FXpansion’s website, right-click the installer and the files should be in the payload folder. Just copy them to your current BFD3 user location. The presets you will have to load one at a time and save in the new BFD3 format.

Wow… that was fast. Thanks, FB. I need to read that super carefully. I am VERY concerned that may jack up & confuse my system, which took a lot of effort to get stable post-migration to BFD3.
I followed your advice & found the installer is in fact there at FXP, as is the old version of percussion. If I re-install that installer… hmmm sounds dangerous. I will let this stew for a day. A re-installation of my whole library would take weeks.

BTW, I just purchased Dark Farm Expansion and tried to download but it was beyond slow. I checked my connection w the speed test and it is fine. The download would go great for a minute then slow to 125k and slower. I was on line for over 8 hours and only got 30g out of the 87g? Something ain’t right.