Piece Pictures Mixed Up

For some reason, pictures of instruments are mixed up…when I change snares, I get a picture of a cymbal; when I change a cymbal, I get a picture of a conga. Any suggestions on how to fix this?? Thx!!

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There was a post some time ago about this but not sure if there was a resolve.

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Does this happen on first load of a kit/preset and does it happen every time?
Like if you reset BFD3 does it still happen?


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I haven’t noticed this problem for a while. When it first started I changed the kit pieces as I couldn’t be bothered looking (due to illness) at actually what was going wrong. After saving new presets for the kits I never checked these kit pieces again.

The problem may still exist, I just haven’t chosen the said kit pieces again (something, when I get time Ill try to look at just in case).

For me, when things like this happen I stay clear of said pieces (lazy me. But it works for me).

I’m not getting much time with BFD3 or it’s libraries (shit happens).

1st time today, in a while I was not authorised in LM. I still had around forty or fifty days left last time I looked. But all was speedy, by the authorise button, about 10 seconds.

As for the kit piece pictures, I seem to recall it was in the early days from the fxpansion change over to inmusic. On opening an old project in Cubase (with all things changed to Inmusic) some pictures did not match the said sound. Since the change of pieces and re save of preset I’ve not noticed it. As I say though, that doesn’t mean that the problem doesn’t still occur.

I can’t help any more than that, as much as I’d like to.

I originally put it down to an early preset problem. I may have to now re think that.

When I get chance I’ll have another look, but I can’t promise anything.

Sorry if that was a bit long winded.

I’m assuming you’re running the most up to date version of BFD3?

Like yourself, I remember this being an old issue that should have been fixed.