Wrong pictures for kit pieces. Browser and mixer

Not sure where to post this - So here it is.

It’s the first time I’ve been able to get back on to BFD3 since migration (what now seems a very long time ago)

I first noticed this months ago. but with illness I was not able to follow up on it. I’m still not 100% healthwise so I can’t give it full attention.

This is in Cubase 11. Brand new dogs bollox PC. Windows (10 latest - not good to say the least - I’m not going to 11 as the say in Spinal Tap)

XFL Paste Hihat 15 snd edge - picture shows up as a bass drum.

Nobel and Cooley snare shows up as a cymbal.

There are more that are showing up in the mixer as pictures of full kits. But as yet I’m not too healthy to be able to follow what’s happening.

I don’t consider this to be a bug of any sort (?)

The sounds are correct - I have the Paste hihat and the Nobel and Cooley snare. Just the wrong pictures.

It’s not a sound problem - or a big problem in it’s self.

Just letting you know something is not quite right.


I was getting cymbal choking months ago - I could not force it. This seems to have corrected it’s self, but time will tell on that one.

Anyone any ideas or similar issue.



Shit goin’ on 'ere guys.

Closed down, switched off, back on again - several times.

BFD stand alone browser showing all is correct.

In Cubase BFD is loading pictures of wrong kit pieces. After closing and opening different kit pictures are showing - These kit pictures are not the same for the same slot every time.

It’s so random I’ve had to give up. If I load up the same song ten times the kit pictures are different every time. There is no logic to it. The sounds are correct. The pictures are not.

When I select the picture in the mixer, the same corresponding picture as the mixer shows in the browser eg. select snare in mixer (with a picture of a bongo) that picture (of the bongo) shows up in the browser, but with the correct name for the snare.

Kick, hihat and cymbals are doing the same.

Not a clue what is goin’ on. Maybe it’s just Cubase and not BFD. (hopefully not Windows - that’s crap enough to use in the first place)

Some kind of feedback would be appreciated before I go back to using Superior drummer.

I’m not tech minded or computer literate, but something is not right.


Hi Neil,

hope you are doing good !

The reference is the same beetween the standalone version and the VST version : it use the same library files. They are not alway correctly writed, as you discoverd it, but they are the same.

Are you comparing preset ? kit ? drum element ? Take care because preset save everything in place, while kit and drums elements are stand alone pieces.

Could you do the following please :

  • On the drums element with the wrong picture, right click on the left on the element, “show in explorer”, get the xml file, and post it there.
  • Same thing with the same elment with the good picture in Cubase or standalone.

There’s definitely something wonky that happens intermittently to the graphics when swapping out kit pieces. I’ve seen it myself and it’s been reported. It’s cosmetic only (so not a high priority compared to getting BFD3 working as a plugin on newer Mac OS’s for example), but hopefully they can resolve it in short order nonetheless.

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I’m not sure where to take this post from here.

As of this morning all kits/presets have loaded in cubase with the right pictures’

This has happened before on more than one occasion.

I can’t re create the situation as it is now clear to me that this is a random issue that could be related to - either - BFD, Cubase, and or Windows.

As I stated in my original post - this issue does not affect the sounds of said slot in the mixer. They are correct as they were programmed.

I’ve re saved what seemed to be the offending presets this time.

I can only wait now for this “glitch” to happen again in the future and compare the affected songs/tracks. It is not the same song/track affected every time. And each time I have noticed it occur in the same song, the pictures of the drum pieces are different every time.

Whilst it doesn’t affect the sound in my projects I’m ok to go with it for the time being. But find it very strange to keep popping up every now and then, and then later on re loading it’s either corrected it’s self or changed the pictures once again.

A frustrating - visual - annoyance. But not life threatening.


I met on my side some strange things too with picture if i update the library. Sometime i need to restart BFD to get the picture back. If i don’t change the library, everything is fine and stay correct.

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