Opposite authorization information windows in BFD3 - WIN10


here I attach a question to the BFD3Drums support. Please help as the Submit inquiry button does not work in my case (browser etc?). Completely new on this platform myself coming from fxpansion - but working on projects -, so forgive…

The thing is: After confirming the Authorized successfully status in the foremost window, the second window in the background does not update and keeps the Not authorized state.


THX Best

So, when you press okay and open BFD3 what happens?

Does it tell you that it is unauthorised?


This exact problem happened to me when the last build was released. Installing the latest LM fixed it. Make sure you’re on the latest version of the LM.


Is it working (the happy AND sad thing) or should I still wait ?

Both myself and @Fender_Bender replied to you 77 days ago but you didn’t respond.

The latest build should resolve your issue but some people are still having issues.
I suggest you try it and see but I think you should be okay.


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It didn’t back then.
Will try the newest built.