Now it´s working.....but how long?

Ok i the Licence manager it, but the information is absolutley missleading and does inform the user correctly.
You better write. “Please close now the License manager and continue with the instalion, otherwise
no installation possible.”

Now it works, after more than 2 Months chaos.
One question left. Do i have to keep the Terminal App open to use BFD 3 ?
That seems very wierd to me.
Don´t make the same paranoic thing “Independence Pro” does…they were so scared about steeling their samples, that they ended up at Magix in the last corner of internet…but a very good sounding Product.

Thanks for making BFD3 work again…i am sure it will not work again soon …it was always like this, because the attitude to take care about functionality, has not changed. But hope dies last.
Best regard

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Terminal? What? No. You don’t need to open Terminal at all. Ever.


I’ve got BFD2 but can’t get it authorized to use.

@markClune123 Did you read my reply to your own post you made? I explained why you can’t use BFD2. This is a user forum for mainly BFD3 and expansions via BFD Drums/inMusic, not Fxpansion. In your OP, you didn’t imply that you had BFD3 yet or migrated to inMusic, just that you were having trouble with BFD2 authorizations. If you’re going to stay on BFD2, then I don’t think Drew can help you with authorizations because he’s not with them anymore. You could try contacting Fxpansion support about it, but they support BFD anymore, so I don’t know if they can help you either.