Can’t get BFD2 authorized

Hi - my first post here. I’ve got a problem with BFD2. I’ve been using BFD1 and then BFD2 or the past 20 years or so - I’ve never had a problem with them. About a month ago, we had a power outage at our house and my Windows 10 got corrupted and had to be put back on my computer again. I lost all of my programs. I’m now in the process of putting them back on. I had BFD2 on disk and have downloaded them. The first time I tried to open BFD2 it asked for serial number, user name, etc. - I had no problem with that. Then it said I needed to request authorization - so, I requested it. It came back and said “the serial number couldn’t be authorized (already registered to another account?). Registration Failed.” I did have to change my password when I initially tried to open BFD2 - not sure if that has anything to do with it. Anyone here know how I can get BFD 2 registered? Evidently FXpansion has sold BFD - I’m not sure where to go or who to contact to get all of my packs of BFD authorized. I’ve got about a thousand dollars invested in BFD2. Thanks in advance for any help. Also, I should add that I couldn’t get BFD1 open because I can’t find the serial number - not sure if that has anything to do with my problem - but wanted to mention it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

@markClune123 You may have tapped out your 3 authorizations with Fxpansion, but since they no longer support BFD, I’m not sure anyone there can reset your authorizations. I suggest upgrading to BFD3. Owners of BFD1+2 can still upgrade for $49.99 I believe? Then you can migrate your Fxpansion serials to the new companies, BFD Drums/inMusic. However, BFD 1+2 are legacy products no longer supported and can’t be migrated, but you can get replacement serials for them and use them with the new BFD3.

Also, you can view all of your registered serials in your Fxpansion account to find your BFD 1 serial. Eventually access to Fxpansion/BFD accounts will disappear, so upgrading and migrating is the safest bet. Just to note… inMusic requires BFD3 to re-authorize your products every 90 days, so you’ll need an internet connection and obviously to download your products.


Have you tried to ‘delete authorization’ from within the licence manager?

It’s a long shot but you have nothing to lose.

I think you’re probably going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade to BFD3.
Unfortunately there’s no demo so you’re going to have to jump in at the deep end.

It’s going to be quite a learning curve and it might be a good idea to get yourself one of the tutorials from Askaudio (Ask.Audio : Academy : Ask.Audio)
or from Groove3 (


Steve, thanks I just tried that - didn’t work. I don’t mind upgrading - buy I’m not sure I want to spend the time learning another drum module.

Thanks again.


I think you should be able to navigate BFD3 in good time and you ‘should’ find the work flow quicker and easier than BFD2. Also the core kits are are much easier to work with.

You might miss the old drum kit view but there are so many things about BFD3 that are a huge improvement.

I’m sure @BFD_Drew will get you sorted if he can, I’m just not sure he’ll be able to.
As far as I recall, BFD2 had become a legacy product already when it moved over to Roli so I’m not sure if Roli or fxpansion would e able to help.