No Audio on Startup

BFD Version
64 bit
MacBook Air 2018 running Monterey 12.3

Steps to Reproduce:
Start up BFD3 and get no sound

Expected Result:
To get sound when BFD3 starts up

Actual result:
No sound until Mixer is reset

happens on every startup regardless if its the standalone or DAW(GarageBand) version.

Additional Notes:
to get the audio working I have to follow these steps.

  1. Start up BFD3 and get no sound
  2. Click Mixer Reset, it asks to confirm I select yes. Then is asks to remove all unused channels and I select yes.
  3. The preloaded drum kit and all but 3 channels (AmbMix, Metronome and Master) are then removed.
  4. I select any drum kit from the kit section.
  5. Audio works.

problem was documented here

On a tip from another forum member I checked to see if there was a preloaded kit on startup but there was not. However when I choose a kit to preload on startup I didn’t have to reset the mixer initially anymore, the audio worked fine on startup.

I’m not sure why its working but there were extra steps needed to get everything working correctly that I did not see noted anywhere else so I will leave this bug report open for now.