Newbie here. Looking some advice

Hello guys! How are you?

Im about to buy BFD3. I always loved the way it sounds but it was really expensive.

Now that i Can buy it i want to make sure it will work with my Roland TD-17 module and also if it would with Windows 11.

Any experiencie using BFD with electronic drums and all the midi map related stuff that it’s always complicated with other vsts.

Hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance!

don’t see the TD-17 in my maps, TD-15 and TD-20 and quite a few others are there.
You might be lucky and find a user who has created one but it is actually unbelievably easy to create key-maps in BFD3 so you should just be able to load the TD-15 or TD-20 and tweak it a little.

I’m not an e-drummer but have created maps for other things



Thank you guys!

So, just wanted to ask if it would work with windows 11?

Says Windows 10 and above on the product page, so I’m going to assume that means Win 11.


Working fine here for me on windows 11 latest build


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Just making sure you’re aware of the 90 day subscription system now in place and not mentioned in the sales page.

Basically the Licence Manager will every 90 days deauthorise all your content including BFD itself and you will have to reauthorise it all again via the internet.

It’s not been a flawless process for many users with deauthorisation happening at seemingly random times other than the 90 days and of course is reliant on inMusic’s servers working on the day you need to reauthorise.

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Thank you!

i’ve read something about that. Does that issue has an easy fix?

Honestly, i never tried to buy bfd because of it’s price but, in my opinion, it’s the best sounding vsti and the expansions sound Great as well. Now that it’s 99 i really want it.

I suscribed to this forum because all the comments and complaining users in YouTube.

Im “learning” all the mixing drums stuff but i want it to play drums with bfd3 sounds.

Does it makes sense?

It’s been $49 before now I think, so I wouldn’t rush into anything. It will be on sale again. Something like Superior Drummer 3 never goes on sale. You have to ask yourself why BFD3 is often heavily reduced and SD3 holds its value.

What’s the point of a great sound if it’s a pain to use? Do you want to become an IT guy or make music? Does the issue have an easy fix? Some will say it runs perfectly, others have given up trying. You won’t know until inMusic have your money and then there’ll be no chance of a refund.

I wouldn’t buy it at $4.90 personally, but that’s because I’m opposed to subscription services that require logging in every X number of days, and the Licence Manager is very buggy.


This isn’t necessarily true. The LM checks silently in the background well before 90 days and refreshes your 90 day window if you are online. If by some chance your computer hasn’t connected to the internet for 90 days and on that last day you still haven’t, only then will it de-authorize your content. In theory, as long as it can connect, it’s not supposed to de-authorize anything and overall it has been working as intended, but there have been a few times when that isn’t the case. Any significant HW change will also trigger your content to be de-authorized (i.e. upgrading of hard drives, RAM, CPU, motherboard, etc)

Aside from the $49 deal to upgrade for BFD1+2 owners since the inMusic takeover, I believe the full version for new users has only been on sale for $49 this past year and a few times it was just a third party retailer exclusive sale. The fact that it’s over a decade old, it shouldn’t be surprising to finally see it on sale.


BFD3 has really helped me become better at mixing drums and that’s translated to mixing live drums as well. The fact that the sounds aren’t so processed OOTB, allows you to learn and apply the ways that engineers get to that polished sound. This is one of the most appealing things to me with BFD3. I think it helps you become a better mix engineer if you’re willing to put the work in.


Actually, what i really want is to use it with my electronic drums and be able to choose between Raw and processed. Of course i also would like to tweak and try different things.

What i would really like to know it’s about How it works with electronic drums and if i Can just install and play.

What E-Drums will you be using it with?

BFD3 comes an array of key-maps (53 in total) but doesn’t have them all.


Roland TD-17.

I’ve seen CHASER made a preset for that module sonó guess it will work with that.

Sorry guys, im Not just a total noob but i also live in south america so, my english is quite limited.

We only speak spanish here.

As far as i can see there’s a Great community here and that’s great.

Thanks for everything in advance!


Forgive me for not knowing the minutiae of this unnecessarily complex licensing system, which is not even officially mentioned on the sales page as even existing.

As it happens my computer is connected to the internet and I still had to reauthorise way too many times, usually accompanied by a message saying the server was down (yes, I know log out, log in, sacrifice your first born and spin round three times and the gods of inMusic might allow you to use your software).

Also I never agreed to have any piece of software silently checking in the background thank you very much.


BFD has had sales every single year, across all of our sku’s, going all the way back to when I joined FXpansion in 2008.


I don’t remember it ever being this heavily reduced in the previous fxpansion sales or so often. I’ve been here since BFD1. The current sales strategy follows inMusic’s MO with their other brands.

Your comment doesn’t negate what I said about SD3 holding its value.

Surely its value is determined by it’s quality?

Every software company has sales, I think the £49 sale was part of Black Friday and I agree, I don’t recall seeing it that below before but I don’t think the price undermines its quality.

A lot of people saw it as a sign that BFD4 was imminent though.

In that regard BFD3 has lost nothing and is IMHO still quite superior in terms of sound toSD3


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BFD3 sounds amazing when it works… The licensing system is a major issue that had me be an IT tech rather than a drummer. It works well with my e-drum set from Alesis. I deleted BFD3 because I had to deal with authorization issues almost every time I used BFD3. I never was able to use my BFD3 expansion set either.
I did buy BFD3 on sale a year ago. I would not buy this program again. I hope all the new users that buy BFD3 at $49 send a message to the developers to scrap the licensing system. They will have issues using this software- I hope they don’t, but my experience tells me they will. So new comers beware!!
I hope BFD4 comes out with a revamped licensing system and a $25 upgrade. I want to like BFD, but at this time it does not take up space on my SSD.

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No chance in hell. $149 is more realistic for the upgrade price, given past upgrade paths. I won’t be upset if I’m wrong and it’s less though.

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