Manu Katche snare

Finally thought it might be a good idea to check all my expansions and see if everything made it over and found my Manu Katche snare was missing. If I recall correctly, this was a giveaway for completing a survey or something like that a while back. Anyway, because it was a bit out of the ordinary, I just wanted to give a heads up to folks to check to see if anyone else might be missing this.


Yeah, I got a note from Drew that this will be added back at some point after the current nightmare is over. Slightly low on the priority list unless of course this is your main snare in which case one would be on pins and needles waiting for the update.

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Thanks for the info. It’s not my main: just a tasty one that I like, and use when it fits.
I’m starting to feel we all need to pitch into a beer kitty for Drew.

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Yeah, I’m in the same boat. Also received a note from Drew that it’s coming at a later time. Crossing fingers for sooner than later.

funnily enough, I have it

How did you manage that, @Civilization3 ?

I think he also said the Rock Tambo freebie would be added to the Core library down the line?

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Cool. Hadn’t heard that.

Hmm. This is [Yamaha] Manu Katche snare from DLX. It was installed, it didn’t get uninstalled by migration. this the same?

I think so. It’s definitely a Yamaha snare. What’s DLX?
Mine’s still installed, but to migrate you need a license in the new BFD Drums format for BFD3.4 not the old FXpansion license.
Are you opening yours in BFD 3.3 or BFD 3.4? It should only be opening in 3.3.

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I have two different Manu Katche snares. One came with the Deluxe expansion (DLX), the other (YMK Snares) was a standalone freebie of sorts and my preference. It is not accessible with the current incarnation of BFD3.

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Thanks for clearing that up. Anybody know why the Deluxe was discontinued? It was listed as supported for BFD3 so dropping it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

I don’t know the why, but the when was years ago. It’s a really great expansion.

That’s odd. Thinking about it, I do remember seeing on the FXPn site. I checked online and Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend look like they still carry it as a software download. Strange.

Really? I thought it was discontinued. Maybe they dropped the DVD earlier than the download. Or maybe it was reformatted or something. It’s a pretty old kit, although it’s really beautifully recorded. Large numbers of samples. I’ve probably just forgotten the history.

I’ll tell you what’s really weird, is that if is discontinued, you can download it now through the license manager. I thought I had done it the other day, and I did it again just as a sanity check, and it worked.

It’s not on the FXpansion or BFD Drums sites though. It would make more sense to me if GC and MF were selling boxed copies they have left in stock, but that they are selling digital versions still when FXP/InMusic aren’t is very odd.

Might have to contact their support to confirm and snag a copy if so.

XFL. That was the other really great expansion that was discontinued. When I look into my old FXpansion support page, those are both listed under Legacy products.

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Yup, they have that too

I opened the Manu Katche in 3.4 0, which works perfectly here. It even quit making VE Pro hang on quit, albeit it probably wasn’t alone in that SNAFU.