Manu Katche snare

I might give it a try, it’s in my account, I assumed it wouldn’t work anymore.

Following up on this, I have been unsuccessful in getting the YMK freebie snare to work in the current iteration of BFD3. Any word on when this might get added to the license manager?

Hi cross

I still have it in fxpansion manager but still can’t get it in bfd manager.


It (the freebie) showed up in my kit pieces after updating LM and rescanning content, but if I try to select it, I’m informed that it is “unauthorized” even though I have a serial number for it and it gets removed from the list…

Nothing like mandating DRM on a freebie… (smh)

my recollection is it did not sound the same as the one in Deluxe, as I ended up using it (YMK) an entire album for a client (but perhaps the velocity curve was different?)

I believe Drew mentioned it could/would be ressurrected at some point, the priority being the fundamentals. which makes total sense.

It’s a subset of the velocities in the YMK distribution. Different room, different sound.

@kafka thank you. IIRC it did sound different, hoping to see it get reenabled in the near future (it was pretty useful for me).

Once again, Drew came through with flying colors. All set now with YMK, back up and running across the board with no issues.

Sorry for the huge lag: I thought I had updated this, but apparently not, and have moved in the interim.
After a lot of run around with Musician’s Friend (and the same goes for their parent company GC), I was NOT able to get a copy of Deluxe. They said they had it for sale (had two support people double check and told me it was available), allowed me to purchase it, but then I was stuck in limbo for quite some time, while apparently they were waiting for FXpansion to send them a download ticket. It never came, and I got a refund.