Increased Junk Traffic

For months I’ve had an empty junk folder in my E-mail.
A week ago , I registered with InMusic , and upgraded Licence Manager to the current version.
I now have a constant stream of E-mails in my junk-folder - with Africans offering massive inheritances , and young ladies offering free personal-services.
I am not impressed with this recent phenomenon.
The wife has even been asking what websites I might have been on , for this to happen. I want to know……
Is my data now out there in the public domain , due to InMusic?


I can only say - where ever you go - they know. That’s the digital world.

They even suggest the best you tube videos for me - even if I’ve never been near that junk before.

It’s good to know that they know what’s best for us.

So now some Africans and a bunch of prostitutes know I’ve got BFD3?

Yes - and they’ll probably also know where you caught it and what you do with it.

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I have requested information about data gathering in my email discussion with BFD.

The answer may not be forthcoming, but I suspect under data protection laws in the UK, data collection will need to be disclosed.

My hope would be that what youre experiencing is just the nasty side of being online, and is pure coincidence.


But never forget - britania waves the rules - always.

That is my experience following geo politics (as I do in my spare time).

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I received similar emails years ago, but I didn’t notice any increase in junk traffic after joining InMusic.

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Anyway. Once the £10million arrives and the girls start knocking on the door , I guess the wife will pack her bags.
I reckon £5million divorce settlement - leaving me the other £5million.
With that sort of money , I can get Vinnie Colaiuta to play the drums.
So InMusic have shot themselves in the foot really.

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I can heartily recommend protonmail for no spam, ever.

And Opera browser for its inbuilt adblocker meaning no ads ever again (I havent seen any ads in years now, none on YouTube at all) and its inbuilt VPN for VPN stuff. The only problem with the adblocker is it stops some ad supported TV channels from working, but I just gave up those TV channels.

I cannot handle ads, they drive me more insane than I legally already am.


Don’t forget to put aside the deliberate increases in gas and electricity (long before all the over sea’s muck raking started).

And also for that sort of dosh the old drum modules can be serviced and brought back into play.

I’m a Charlie Watts person - but that’s what makes humans unique.

The differences must be kept alive at all cost.

I’m not good with this stuff - so I’m trapped in the digital swamp.


Protonmail is just an email provider, so you can sign up anytime. I got so sick of all this, I went back to 1998 and I now actually pay for email. That will be stopping in about 4 weeks tho, as I wont need any bells and whistles anymore as i wont be checking emails for a while.

Opera browser is just a web pages browser, but it has a lovely button at the top where you can turn webpages tracking off, their data collection, or their ads. No having to install extra features, it just works straight away.

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Some of those Opera birds are quite fit.
Are you sure I won’t start getting ads for Go Compare insurance?

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Great band drummer.
Plus he knows how to properly hit drums and cymbals.
Unlike someone I watched today.

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I’m not really into Jazz (I like it and can listen to it). But those guys can play as apposed to knocking the **** out of 'em.

That’s why I like the laid back style of Watts.

I admire those drummers who can hit those things hard, but that’s not really for me.

One thing I have come to appreciate is that there is not one drummer to fit all drums - very unique

I wonder if that’s how the apes felt or if that’s only a human thing.

I like Phil Rudd (ac/dc) and the other guy who “supposedly” stood in Chris Slade. Both just rock solid I suppose in pure driving terms. (I’m not a metal fan) But that stuff’s unique.

But many of the greats rarely get a mention in this digital age.

Oooooooooooooooops ramblin’ there a bit.

Chris Slade is really good.
Best rock-solid 4/4 bass drum in rock - on his day.
I’ve played with some hard hitters.
Mike Barsimanto being the most brutal drummer I ever heard.
Back in ‘87 , he could demolish a studio kit in 10 seconds.

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I’ve got to admit - I was a novice player. Not that good. But it must take some doin’ to hit a kit like that for a full gig/night. But some of these guys/gals seem have no trouble

Substances - of which I don’t partake - springs to mind.

Little Mike was a Bozzio freak.
Playing “In the Dead of Night” with him and Eddie - was breath-taking.
I’ve no doubt he could do it all night , just on personality.

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Hope you’ve all heard of this guy.
The synth guitar early on is a bit kitchen , and please get past that, but the drums man - the bloody drums!

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Long vid - have to catch that later. (EDIT - Yeah - Excellent - Heard quite a bit of stuff - the vids crop up every now and then on YT - interesting stuff)

Another one I followed was the Iron Maiden fellow Nicko McBrain. He’s just a machine.

As I said before I’m not into much of this stuff. But lots of admiration.

Same on the Death Metal front - not in to it. But these players are just machines.