Increased Junk Traffic

Nicko’s best work was on this album.
But live , he was insufferable those days.



I was a huge Iron Maiden fan as a kid, cant abide them nowadays, nor most metal. I had no idea the drummer was doing this previously :slight_smile:

I prefer this to anything by Maiden these days :slight_smile: So much metal seems so… childish (which means I should like it, I guess :slight_smile: )

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I’m definitely no metal fan. But I admire all the players. As I do with all styles of music.

I prefer good old rock with just a drivin’ back beat (but that’s my age showin’).

These guys are class.

We won’t see the likes again.

They can’t, and won’t be replaced. It’s all being smallerised and killed off.

Creative is a no no and to be shunned.

My grankids can’t understand why I push it to them so much to be individual. But the schools don’t allow it.

If they’re different in anyway they’re made to look small and outcast.

Sad world it’s become.

That’s why I kept the Roland td6 kit. And I got 'em an old upright piano.

But no interest shown. The only thing they do is games and switch off the outside world.

It’s heart breaking.

Their brains are mushed with life by numbers. Miss one and your out.

me either, and Scott Gorham on this album too, amazing line up. I live and learn.