I download it and authorize but no drumkit shows on the window [not a bug]

I download it and Authorize but no kit shows on the window, I can hear the beats on the left side under the Core Library but none of the others like the Chorus, vers, intro…ecc…beats. I tried everything but with no luck, what did I miss here?

Can you post a couple screenshots? I’m not entirely sure what the problem is that you’re describing.

For the future, this explains how we are encouraged to write a proper bug report. What you have written would normally just be posted under General Discussion. Many users with random technical issues post there.

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Hey @carlo

What happens when you double-click on one of the presets in the browser?


what happens is…there’s still no drums in the effing window.itll play that 1 drum lick…that’s it…then when I look into the drum grooves section it shows a bunch of grooves with no audio .how th hell did I just hear the drums playing in that other little lick?wtf is wrong w all these developers making shit too hard for a guitarist yo use I’m sick of having to be a genius just to get shit to work …so far everyone of these drum vst suck ass…theyr all too hard to operate and there is NOTHING EASY about any of them .make a damn drum program that can be easily edited…(make my own drums grooves) so I don’t havta use all these other drummers inflections and styles…screw that.ez drummer 2 and 3 and suoerior are shit too.stevrn slate…pure shit…all of them
I just want grooves that are plain and simple like

  1. straight forward blast beat.no fills or inflection.just a damn beat.a regular fucking normal beat.same all the way down the line.straight ass standard beats…period.
    I’m so effing pissed off right now and wish I never downloaded this garbage.pure shit.id have better luck beating the shit outta some fuvking drummer to make him so afraid of me that he plays what I want him to play and jumps when I say how high.maybe then i could get shit done right…except there’s no drummers anywhere around me even good enough anymore.so thanks for nothing you wasted 3 whole hours of my time again.trying to get this damned program made by fucking geniuses to work.because it does not, no matter how easy you try to make it sound …where the fuck are the drums then.why th fuck are they not already in the damned window…huh? why the fuvk are th grooves not already loaded up proper and ready to roll huh? easy my fucking ass.
    it’s all bullshit.for geniuses.
    makes me want to go beat th fuvk out if sime random genius to all you fucking developers back for creating shit that’s too hard to even get setup …wtf.
    learn layman’s terms assholes. .dumb yourselves down THEN…create a fucking program everyone can use.
    quit being complicated.
    it dont need to be this hard.period.
    get it right for once …

I totally agree with [bled4bathory], I never before had to hustle so much with a drum program even more advanced than this one, and I have tried a lot’s of them…never had to read the manual before I could just thest any sounds or rhythms or even change the drumkits… the only time I need it to use the manual was when I had to do more advanced things like…changing the midi notes to other company drum kits…and others… That’s a not a good things for this programs that even now that I try to find out how to get the drum kit to shows on the screen, after I’ve read it for a wile, stil no clue on how to get it… is this normal for you? Do I need to study the manual for ours just for this? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Here as you can see, I cannot load any kit…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Hey @carlo

Click ‘Core Library’ there on the left to expand the list of Core Library presets, then double-click on a preset name (eg ‘Bless Catastrophe’) to load that preset.

@bled4bathory Looks like maybe you were double-clicking the preset’s preview ‘play’ icon. Move over to the right slightly and double-click on the actual preset name, then you should be ok!

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


OK Thanks Chris! Now I have the drum kit on the screen…I couldn’t find this info anywhere in the manual…this should have been on the first page but stil is not right to åpen a program with no drumkit at all and then you need to read a long manual to just get start it… but thanks for sharing this! Ciao!!!