I can get BFD3.4 to run stand alone, but not in Logic

I did everything the same licensing stand alone, but when I try and do it in Logic it won’t take away the “disabled because You are not logged into your inMusic…”

Please help, thx

Processing: Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 2.01.16 AM.png…

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Log out of the License Manager, then close it.
Log into inMusic via browser, then open the LM again.

Something like that. Should work, if not, re-install the latest BFD3 app build.

I have confirmed that re-installing BFD3 using: ( BFD3_3-3-1-33_Update.dmg ) will let BFD3 work under OSX Monterey 12.0.1 (both standalone & in Logic 10.7.0). BFD3 seems to be unable to locate some of its content, however. BTW: BFD Eco works with no problems under OSX12.

Oh shit, FINALLY. Geez I have NEVER had such a headache with a single piece of software. Thanks you guys for getting back to me, I was just about had it.

Still takes forever to scan paths at start up.

I too am having this same issue. BFD3 works as stand-alone, but not as an AU plugin in Logic. Unable to load kit pieces or presets. Basically, BFD keeps searching for kit pieces and presets. Also posted in another thread - [UNDER REVIEW] Searching sound forever,,,,

Not too keen on reverting to BFD3_3-3-1-33_Update.dmg which I presume I’d have to get through the FXpansion site.