How would I share a drum beat Im working on in this forum?

Im not very tech saavy. And I haven’t scoured the forum for answers. But anyways,

I recently had a question I could not put into words, so I wondered how I could upload an audio file to this forum ?

I also wonder if there is / or could be a place to share beats we are working on ? To show off, ask questions or collaborate ?


Export as audio, upload to - it’s pretty straight forward.

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thank you, i will look into it.

You can also save them as presets and load them up here.

It’s always a good idea to let people know what kits you used when you share presets as not everyone will have them but if they’re made using the BFD3 library you should be good.


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There are these two threads for sharing stuff, but they don’t see a lot of activity. Post there, or make your own post.

Thanks, I have questions.

If I save a preset, how would my midi be included ?

How would I upload a preset to the forum ?

Thanks, I looked at those. I need to figure out how to do that.

Save the files on a hosting site (Drive, DropBox, Imgur, etc) and create a link to the file, then paste the link in your post here.

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The midi would need to be one of the included BFD3 midi grooves or an imported midi loop so as long as BFD3 has access to the midi file it will be saved within the preset by default.