How can i get this flam sound like old BFD used to have? (example included)

My friend put my MIDI drums through his copy of BFD back in 2007 or so and I loved the way they sounded. Couldn’t believe how good they sounded, actually.

I’ve since bought my own copies of BFD and several expension packs including the London Sessions and I can not reproduce these sounds. The snare sound, specifically! I want that high energy crack of the double hit like it had before. My friend said it was the “flam” articulation and it was “either BFD 1 or 2 and maybe a snare from XL”.

Here’s a link to a short clip of the drum track: Stream What drums are these? by Lawyer Billboards | Listen online for free on SoundCloud


There are a couple of snares that ship with BFD3 that have the flam articulation, the Mapex Black Panther Blade Snare, (on & off) Mapleworks Custom Snare 13 Stick SnOn the Mapleworks Custom Snare 14 Stick SnOn

I just checked the Elderado (BFD1) and all the snares have flam articulations but none of the BFD2 ones do.

Not sure why that would be but it is quite an easy thing to program but that said, much easier to just use the flam articulation.

To program it you just need to add another snare hit at about half the velocity just after the hit.

You could also use 2 snares and add a short slap back delay to the snare you want to use for the flam sound but that’s not ideal.

Maybe put ‘more flam articulations’ as a BFD4 and future expansions wish list.
I’m surprised there aren’t more now that I’ve looked.


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Just as an update, to check which of your snares have flam I would suggest selecting the drums tab, make sure you have the snare channel selected so you get a list of all your snares, make sure you have the ‘Model’ tab showing on the right hand side and then just load each snare and look for the articulations of each snare in the drop down list under ‘Articulations’.


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I just program my own. I use the snare center hit at lower velocity and the a snare rimshot at a higher one. Sometimes having them a 64th note apart can work, but I usually have to nudge one slightly off the grid. Which arctic is on the grid and off for me, kinda depends on the track and what sounds best. You have to decide where you want it to sit around the beat. I just use my ears as to what sounds/works best for the track. The cool thing about programming your own flams, is that you can decide how tight, or loose you want it, which gives you a bit more realism, rather than having the same exact flam hit every time.


That wasn’t the question. Yes, some kits have flam but they are not the same intensity flam as in previous versions of BFD.

I would like to know 1) what kit was this? and 2) how can we get this back in BFD 3?

The flam articulations in my BFD kits are very weak by comparison. They are more for jazz or something. Programming two hits is better but still not as good as the older BFD.

I feel like we shouldn’t be going backwards.

Did you listen to the audio sample I provided? You can’t make that sound with two regular hits. I’ve tried. Yes, your method is better than the current flams but still not as powerful as the flam articulations that existed on older BFD versions.

I really want to know what kit that was.

I can’t answer your question as to what snare is being played in your sample and I’m not sure anyone could straight off the bat, there’s a lot of room ambience and maybe even reverb on the sample you loaded which makes it very hard.

As I said, ALL the BFD1 (Elderado) snares have flam and I would guess it’s most likely from there.
I haven’t checked the XFL pack yet but if you have it then I suggest you check yourself using the method I suggested.


It sounds a bit like Joe Barresi’s Evil Drum kit n°1

Here’s a sample : Stream Whichsnare by Autumn | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

I may be wrong but it made me think of it.

I was saying to use one regular hit and a rimshot. That will give you more impact and snap. I did listen to the sample. It just sounded like an old BFD1 kit. I think the flams have that sound because there is way too much room and amb3 mics in the mix.

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Is it possible to get the Elderado kit or snares as an expansion for BFD3? I don’t see it anywhere.

It sounds a bit like Joe Barresi’s Evil Drum kit n°1

Here’s a sample : Stream Whichsnare by Autumn | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Wow, that sounds really close! I wonder if its possible my friend used Superior Drummer but for some reason thinks he used BFD?

EDIT: looks like there was an Evil Drums pack for BFD! I’m not sure how to get it though. Platinum Samples - Joe Barresi Evil Drums

If you own the BFD1 library from FXpansion, you can message Drew on here and he’ll get you the Eldorado replacement serial.

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A bit long but if you decide to try and program it then this might help.

I don’t know what’s happened to the Elderado library but you’re right, it’s no longer there which is a shame. It might be worth contacting to see if it’s available.
You might be able to get it elsewhere if you’re quick but if you do you might have to contact @BFD_Drew for a working serial number.

I can check Joe Barresi’s Evil Drum kit in an hour or so and tell you if it has the flam snares you’re looking for but I suspect it’ll more likely be the Elderado.

I just found Elderado here but it’s a bit over priced.

Also, having listened to your ‘whichsnare’ sample again there is definitely a short delay on the snare but I’m assuming that’s not what you mean.


Just checked Joe Barresi’s Evil Drum kit and every snare does come with flam so that would be a good one to get.

I would contact Platinum Samples first and check to see if their serial number will work with the new BFD, if not you’ll have to see if Drew or someone can give you one that does work.


I found this on eBay for $50, but it looks like it’s only one kit from Evil Drums?

Interesting, the blurb says it requires BFD Eco or BFD2 but on the box it says it’s for Session Drummer 1


Thank you! I’d be really interested to hear what you find out on your Joe Barresi and Eldorado kits. I never owned BFD before BFD3 so I don’t have an old copy of BFD unfortunately. I reached out to Platinum Samples to see if they were still active. Their website still has a storefront but it looks like it hasn’t been updated in 8 years so I wanted to make sure.

Thanks. Was it a similar flam to the one in the audio sample? How about the Eldorado kits?

I will definitely do this.

Rail from Platinum samples was/is a top guy and really helpful.
If he’s still there you could try sending him a message here;

I honestly wouldn’t want to say which snare is being used in your sample, as I said, there’s a lot of ambience as well as some delay in your sample which makes it really too hard.

Technically, all the flams are the same. it’s the snares that are different and as @Fender_Bender said, programming your own flams means you can change the gaps between notes to change the sound a little so I would experiment a little with what you have before spending money trying to recreate a particular sound if you can’t be sure of the source of that sound.

But you do own BFD3 now don’t you?

If so then try the
Mapex Black Panther Blade Snare Stick SnOn
Mapleworks Custom Snare 13 Stick SnOn,
Mapleworks Custom Snare 14 Stick SnOn

Those are the 3 snares in the3 BFD3 library with flam.


My Evil Joe Drums migrated seamlessly. It won’t be the old S/N in BFD Drums License Manager, none are, that has to be obtained via BFD Drums.