Groove Presets Stutter

I’m getting BFD3.4 to finally work better. Previously I was having lots of trouble in finding all my kits etc… That looks good right now. However there’s still one issue I’m experiencing. The Grooves, or Presets are not functioning. In Standalone, I press the play button which starts the groove, but in a few minutes it stutters and hiccups and chokes. I opened BFD in my DAW and usually there’s pre loaded grooves. So I tried recording a few guitar tracks using the groove that played along with it, but soon that started to stutter and hiccup as well. What can I look at to trouble shoot this?

A latency issue maybe?

I wish. That’d be too easy. No, I think the latency issues are fine. It’s been working just fine for the past 10 years. I use a Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 ASIO drivers. The buffer is 4msec, and everything else works just fine. Including BFD1. BFD2 and then BF3 and now BFD3.4 I’m not hearing any latency. I can up it to see if it fixes the hiccups. But, that would be strange at this point since everything has worked fine for so long.

Does your DAW have a CPU or Audio Performance meter that you could monitor while this occurs and seeing if that’s the issue. If you’re on WIndows try using the CPU Meter in Task Manager to monitor. direct CPU monitoring isn’t the best indication, but could give you some idea if your topping out.
Have you checked to make sure you don’t have anything running in the background that could be causing this?

Hm. Strange. If we don’t want to blame the Scarlett, I’d check if everything is local. (Project, recorded files etc etc.)

I had this happen to me once or twice, where some stuff was trying to go to onedrive, without me noticing, and then everything was crapping out. And I was thinking “come on, the project’s not that heavy yet…”, and then I saw that onedrive was screwing me over, trying to write and read files to the cloud.

If it turns out that it’s not a cloud service that is at fault here, I would still check if Windows are downloading some major update in the background. I’ve also had this happen at times, but it resolves itself in a few days.

It occurs whether in my DAW or Standalone so any particular project is not the problem. Since it occurs regularly it wouldn’t make sense to be a Windows update, or something that pertains to that particular moment. (It’s not updating all the time). The issue is regular. IT’S ALWAYS. In task manager BFD is showing “Very High” in power usage column. Within BFD’s dashboard, at the moment it shows memory usage at 1.23 - 1.48GB GUI refresh speed at 64msec in BFD’s dashboard the 3 CPU meter, mix meter and disk stream meters do NOT look bad. They’re very low, if even a reading at all. What is the difference between Track Groove, and Palette groove.
Anyway the Power usage column in task manager shows very high the whole time.

Suddenly, I switched the Preset and now the memory in BFD’s dashboard shot all the way up and stuttered. I stopped the play and the memory is at 1.23GB again but nothing is playing. I pressed play again and it’s chocking playing only sporadic hits. Strangely while it’s choking the power usage in task manager for BFD went to Moderate, and now it stopped playing altogether and BFD disappeared from task manger. The play button is still depressed but nothing is happening. Very strange. In task Manager SERVICE is showing very high power usage now. WTF ?

It seems that this problem starts out playing properly but over time, it starts to happen and then gets worse and worse until the transport play button in BFD is depressed and playing but, there is no sound. Task manager shows BFD moving all over the place.