[FUTURE FIX] No packs found in pack price catalogue

What’s sad is I PM’d Drew last week and have heard nothing from him about getting license codes. Gave him the serial numbers and asked if he needed anything more. Radio silence. NO I have no made a thread in the expansions section.

Just after I posted this I made a thread over in the Expansions section. Let’s see what happens.

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Nice one. A dedicated thread is more likely to get eyes on the issue, and any other silent users with a similar issue can easier find a thread for the problem and hopefully get it fixed. Helps everyone out.

Also, if I see these two specific expansions around for cheap, I’ll be buying them so I want a solution too :slight_smile:

Amongst other instruments (keys & guitars) I play drums and am a huge fan of both Neil & Nick. I actually have one of Neil’s signature ride cymbals like he used on the Time Machine tour. So having the Snakes & Arrows kit in BFD means a lot when I can’t play my real acoustic kit.

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Trying to find these kits for purchase from a legit source seems to be a bit tough.

I want them! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Found em :slight_smile: