Free Expansion pack after migration

I recently migrated my account and with the help of @BFD_Drew and Steve63 everything went smooth and its running great. Is the free expansion pack thing still happening and what do I need to do to get it? Thanks Dan

Log in to your inMusic account.
Go to your products and BFD3.
Click on Offers/Free BFD expansion.
Copy the serial on the right.
Click Redeem Now
Choose your expansion and enter the coupon code at checkout
Register the new full serial#/license key you receive by email in the License Manager

Firstly, everything went right with my migration…but after 3 Weeks later, i cannot even open BFD3 anymore. I am sick of it and will sell everything…all my 256 gb went into the trashcan, and goodbye…unfortunatly.

Thanks Fender, I was able to get the expansion and the install was flawless. Thanks for the help. Dan

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Wasn’t anyone able to help of the forum or did you not ask? I can’t see any posts from you.


Yes, everything is working great here.

Yes of couse…great help. Everything worked fine…a few weeks…but i did not open for a few weeks…and now nothings works anymore…but i used it 18 Years, and the whole product took so much of my time to make it work …no software was never buggier than BFD, and i am not willing anymore to waste my time. After 18 Years i can expect from a software to open without contacting regularly the support. Enough is enough. As soon as i found someone who will buy it delete my accunt.