[EXPECTED BEHAVIOUR] License Manager downloads BFD and Core Library OK, fails to install

Hi, using latest License Manager (

This is to be a new BFD install on Win 10 21H1.

Logged in to License Manager, authorised all BFD products.

Downloaded BFD3 + Core Library.

Clicked to install BFD3, error message in License Manager: BFD License Manager is running, and needs to be updated. Please close all BFD applications and DAWS and run this installer again.

NB: there were no BFD applications or DAWS running.

Logged out of License Manager, closed License Manager, re-launched License Manager - BFD3 and BFD3 Core Library still showing in downloads, auto check of Core Library and BFD installer ran OK - still unable to install BFD3, same error.

Logged out of License Manager, closed License Manager, re-booted PC, re-launched License Manager, logged in to License Manager, BFD Core Library still there, auto check process OK.

Downloaded BFD3, ran installer, same error as above.

Any advice folks?

Read these:

Thanks Stephan, will give that a go

No luck unfortunately, still getting the same error

Did you try both paths?

Hi @Tubthumper ,

Sorry you are experiencing installation issues.

Thank you for your report, we shall investigate and be in touch should we require further information.

Kind regards,

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Hi Tubthumper,

Thank you for your report.

This is expected behaviour at the moment. If you read the welcome message during the first step of the installation you will find that it prompts you to close all BFD Applications. However, we have some changes for this on our list for improvements in the future.

Many thanks,

I got the License Manager to install last night direct from the site , but when I try to download the updated installer it stops telling me it failed to download fully and needs update to move on or contact suport. Cannot go any further. Of course I now know the site support goes no place. I have New PC Windows 10 Pro OS , AMD Ryzen 5 CPU , 32 Gig ram 64 bit. Can you explain again how this was fixed to move on for my BFD3 drums ?