New License Manager, Installer won’t launch

I’m having the same problem as I did with the last version. I downloaded the new license manager 3031, I run the License Manager Installer, all good. Then I click on the License Manager, a little blue circle starts spinning, then stops, and nothing.

I checked my antivirus and “ allowed “ BFDdrums installer. I tried to find anything in Windows that would screw things up.

So, I ran my old BFD3 update 1.5.18 and it’s beautiful. Does that prove that the problem is not on my end ?

Wow, BFD3.1.5.18, that’s ancient.

I’m pretty sure that version isn’t tied in with the licence manager and so it doesn’t need to log in to install it, hence the smooth install.


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Thanks for your reply. When I first migrated, I actually got the LM to work, and the latest version installed, but it failed with Pro Tools.

I later downloaded my new expansion pack and London Sessions, and since, nothing works.

I’m thinking of deleting all of the new InMusic stuff and start over, any thoughts ? I don’t have a lot to lose.

Am I the only one ? I feel so alone.

Hey, my problem was solved, BFD_Drew answered me and got it working, I will try to post the fix later.

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Hey, this is what solved this problem

Hi Tom,
Very sorry for the slow response. Try this:

  1. Delete: C:\Users\ USERNAME \AppData\Roaming\BFD Drums\BFD License Manager
  2. Delete: C:\Users\ USERNAME \AppData\Local\inMusicBrands\SoftwareUnlock
  3. Open the Registry Editor and delete: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\BFD Drums\BFD License Manager
  4. Delete: C:\Program Files\BFD Drums\BFD License Manager
  5. Re-download BFD License Manager from
  6. Install it again with no BFD Drums software being open, and it should launch.


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