EpiK DrumS - A Ken Scott Collection for BFD3 [2 Day Flash Sale]

Just a heads up… There is currently a 2 day flash sale at Sonic Reality for the EpiK DrumS - A Ken Scott Collection for BFD3 expansion. $99. Now through August 18, 2023.


Thanks for the heads up. FWIW, It’s still on sale for $99 as of today. I couldn’t resist.

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Bumping this thread. The Ken Scott Collection is still on sale for $99, but also, all of Sonic Reality’s individual BFD expansions are as well ($24-$34). This will run until the end of September.


Thats right!! Now through the end of September. All individual packs on sale as well as the EpiK DrumS package which includes all 7 kits. As always, thank you for your continued support through the years.

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I bought the old Sonic Reality Alan Parsons kits this weekend. Everything went well, the packs installed and authorized without a problem, but then I discovered that neither the presets nor the kits will load. I can load individual kit pieces and when I do, there appears a small progress bar which says ‘Updating …’ — it’s gone again in under a second and only appears the first time you load a kit piece — which makes me think that maybe the preset- and kit-files need updating as well? (After all, these are very old files.)
Thing is, I can’t find any command, menu entry or button anywhere in BFD3 which says “Update content of selected directory" (or something along those lines), so I’m sort of stuck. Not a big problem as these Parsons kits are quite small and simple kits, and can be quite easily reconstructed, but if there’s a solution to the above little problem, I would be most grateful to hear it.



Look inside the folder where the BFD2 presets are stored in the System, not user location. See if those will load and if so, save them as BFD3 presets (maybe delete any existing BFD3 presets first). I vaguely remember a similar problem with some of these expansion not loading the BFD3 presets, but I think the BFD2 ones did.

Thanks, Fender_Bender, but the trouble is that if you download the packs via the License Manager, the installer only offers the BFD3 option.
Using the installer downloaded from eSoundz isn’t an option either because that’s still 32-bit and won’t run on any recent MacOS.

However … looking inside the downloaded folder, I see there is a BFD2 folder which contains kit pieces, maps and presets. I’ll try to install these manually and see where that gets me.

Thanks again!


Confirmed: the BFD2 presets do load!
Thanks very much, Fender_Bender.


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Nice. I wasn’t sure if the BFD2 presets were also installed, or you had to go dig into the installer to find them. Happy drumming.

I have the entire KS collection and love it immensely, but the 60s kit (Sixties Downbeat Kit) is the only one that is 100% not sounding.
There is no preset, so I load and save all the parts of the 60s kit and load that kit, but all the sound disappears a few seconds after the sound is played, whether in BFD3 groove or in the midi data of the DAW.
The midi data shows that it is being received, but no sound is produced.
Sometimes the sound recovers after a few minutes, but it’s random and I can’t use it for work.
Is anyone else experiencing similar symptoms?
where is the right place to get support for this?
Sonic reality?

Maybe there is something corrupted in the Sixties Downbeat material, because I can have BFD3 spinning merrily for hours without a single problem, but the moment I load something from the Sixties Downbeat pack and trigger it, I immediately get the dreaded “An Audio Unit is reporting a problem …”-warning and I have to either quit LogicPro or choose ‘recover’. (The latter option usually works, but also resets BFD3 to its default state.) All very strange.

I did manage to build a new kit with the Sixties Downbeat drums (and save it as a genuine bfd3 kit), and it works, but it’s definitely one I hesitate to load, given the above described problems.

No big loss though as I don’t think this pack contains Ken Scott’s best and most characteristic work anyway.


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Thanks for the report.
From what I’ve been able to find out, the Sixties Downbeat BD, Snare and Toms don’t seem to have any problems in my environment, and
Seems to be a big problem with the crash and ride.
If I load either of those two, the whole BFD stops sounding.
You can try it if you like.

Going to look into over the the next few days.

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See the Topic below and if it resolves it.

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Thanks! I was not aware of that page.
It seems complicated but I will try to learn.

Thank you! I hope it will be resolved.
Looks like I wasn’t the only one with serious problems with Ride and Crash .

Im waiting on a couple of emails back from Drew on a permanent solution. All tickets have been answered. I do thank everyone for their patience in advance.