Current status/usability of Chocolate Audio expansions

Would like to confirm the current status of expansions from CA (Chocolate Audio)
Noting the following on two kits of interest.

The Black Album.
" IMPORTANT NOTE for past customers: the BFD version of this product is now discontinued - if you seek support for it, please drop us an email and we’ll do the best we can to help or direct you to the BFD Drums guys for further help"

?It’s listed on the BFD site but raising a concern over future support,
Is there a difference between an expansion purchased from CA vs InMusic?

Contemporary Vintage
“Contemporary Vintage is an officially authorized BFD Expansion . As such it supports all of the features of the host BFD engine, be it BFD Eco, BFD2 or BFD3.”

And wondering if perhaps their website is out of date given the note on The Black Album kit. fwiw, this looks to be both different and a great complement to the Horsepower/VRT/Modern Retro expansions. Comments/opinions from anyone who uses this would be appreciated…

I have the Imperial kit and it runs fine.

IRC it was one of several 3rd party kits that @BFD_Drew had to get new serials for.

There’s no difference at all in the kit, so I guess it’s just the licensing that’s different.


A few weeks ago I was wondering about the exact same thing – I have Chocolate Audio’s Custom Vintage Drums for Kontakt but would love to have it in BFD (where I already have the Imperial set) --, so I wrote a mail to Simone (Chocolate Audio) and the gist of his reply was that, of course, CVD should work in the current version of BFD just fine if it weren’t for the fact that the install system has been changed since BFD’s change of owner, and now Simone is still working out how best to proceed to make CDV operational again as a BFD expansion.
But he’s on it, and the last sentence of his reply was: “So I expect to solve this issue sooner than later.”



@Steve63 thx, have the Imperial kit as well, but bought it through the BFD site and working fine here. Just a bit unclear to me as The Black Album is listed on the BFD site but has the " IMPORTANT NOTE" disclaimer on the CA site which raises some concern
the CVD expansion is listed as compatible on the CA site, yet is not available thru th BFD site…

@basrikke thx for your initiative, sounds promising, but I expect you should be able to use CVD in both BFD and Kontakt per the CA note and their FAQs.

? Did you buy CVD from CA or BFD?
? Have you tried to use CVD in BFD? Perhaps it just needs an “InMusic” authorization, which is not yet available?

The fact that Simone (CA)

makes me think there will be a problem with either atm…

I got CDV as part of a Chocolate Audio “Everything” bundle which I purchased in 2015. At the time, the library came with download-links for the BFD format as well, yes (I still have the mail with those links, though they no longer work of course), but since I didn’t have BFD in those days nor any intention of getting it any time soon, I complete ignored the BFD-version of Custom Vintage Drums. So, at this moment, I only have the Kontakt version. Which works, I suppose, but having CDV in BFD would be soooooo much better.

BFD3 is a very recent love affair of mine. (And ‘love affair’ is an accurate description.) Until a few months ago, I worked with Mixosaurus, Toontrack (which I haven’t looked at since I purchased BFD), Handheld Sound and a handful of other Kontakt-formatted libraries and I have no plans to delete any of these from my HD’s just yet, but the most joyful fact of the most joyful matter is that since buying BFD3 (early February of this year), it has been the only software for drums (and some percussion) I use. And it’ll probably stay that way, excepting one or two instruments for which I have better alternatives elsewhere. I’m still amazed, every single day, how good BFD3 is. Toontrack’s software may have the word ‘superior’ in its name, I find BFD3 infinitely superior in every way. No comparison. My apologies for veering off-topic, by the way.

When I get word from Simone that things are shaping up, I’ll add it to this thread.


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To whoever mentioned Black Album Drums, it works fine.
All my Chocolate Audio Expansions work fine.

Those talking about “Custon Vintage Drums”, do you mean “Contempary Vintage Drums”? It of course works fine as I said above “All my Chocolate Audio Expansions work fine”.

Windows 10 v1909 I beleive), bla, bla, bla . . .


Ah, yes, of course: Contemporary Vintage Drums, not Custom Vintage Drums. Sorry about that.


At least you spelt it right :innocent:

@jih64 good to hear, thx.

@basrikke not clear if you asked specifically asked 'Simone" about this, but CVD on the CA site says both installers are included, so if you bought from them, i think you have a good case for an installer/upgrade/etc for BFD. Not sure about any of the others…

I only have the one product from Chocolate Audio, Contemporary Vintage BFD, and it’s registered in the latest LM, but does not show as installed, and presets and kits are not available within BFD3, only individual drums. I purchased from Chocolate Audio. The license shows on my InMusic page, so it transferred over.

(edited because I jumped the gun and hadn’t checked the drums page, just presets and kits)

I have the imperial kits and they load fine.

There’s been a weird thing with installed kits not showing up as installed in the LM but they show up as registered (or is that the other way around?)

I’ll check again when I’m at home.


Yes, the only one of my 8 third party drums that shows as installed is the Epic Drums Bill Cobham Kit. The others are missing from the Installed tab. All eight show in the registered tab.

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RE: Contemporary Vintage.

Chocolate Audio have kindly provided me with the raw materials to remake the installer for them. Once I find a gap in my schedule, I will do that. Then they’ll host it on their servers and we’ll link it in the License Manager so that it is downloadable just like any other pack. Once that is done, it will then be fully compatible with the 3.4 version of BFD.



Excellent news. Thanks, Drew.

Great to hear, looked like a good one, held off due to the lack of confirmation under the latest version.

Any update on the status for remaking the CA installer? There’s a pretty good sale on at least some of these kits though the end of July.

I believe it is coming shortly. We did all the work last week.


Can u link to the sale?


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I was going to add, unless you were talking about another retailer or store. My mistake.