Current status/usability of Chocolate Audio expansions

Thx, appreciate the update.

Is it simply a deployment issue on your side or does Chocolate Audio need to do something for this to work with BFD?

If it’s testing, I might have some time coming up that I could spare if that helps.

I think they are getting things, installers etc up to speed with the way things are with inMusic.

I have all the Chocolate Audio Expansions and they work fine, never skipped a beat with the changeover.

@jih64 i’m assuming you had these installed and authorized pre InMusic?

@BFD_Drew please let us know if we should wait before attempting an installation/authorization of a CA expansion. TIA.

Yes and no, I did originally before my first attempt after the takeover, but then uninstalled/removed everything BFD related, and installed all again afresh.

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I was able to download this through the LM.
? Does that mean it can be installed and authorized?
? Do I waste my time giving it a shot, or wait for confirmation “shortly”?

If you downloaded it via the LM, you should be good to go, is it listed in the products you own on the inMusic/BFD Drums site? (it must be) and is it assigned a new serial number compatible with how things are now? (it must have, should start with BF)

Personally I would go for it

Thx for the reply, but;

  1. NOT listed in the products I own
  2. CAN’T register the new serial number
  • product registration looks like it’s designed for something else,
    the field for entering the serial number isn’t big enough for the serial number…

    I could try to install it from the LM to see what happens, but gonna pass for now, got better things to do

@SoundMILL Don’t try to register from the site, do it in the LM

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Ok, something sorta works.

Authorized the s/n inside the LM,

  • LM had initially displayed the option to run installation after the d/l, but relaunching today did not show any downloads, even though all files are still where they were when downloaded,

Ran the installer from the d/l folder, looked like the old FXpansion UI, but installed files
ran standalone BFD3, detected new content, let it scan, looked OK
Loaded a preset, drums are there but the presets I tried have several duplicates of kit pieces (i.e. two of the exact same kicks/toms, two different snares, etc.) idk, I expect I can build a usable kit, but remain a bit waary atm. will try to explore further later…

Update: Further checking suggests there might be up to 4 mics for a drum (i.e. kick) which might explain the duplicate kit pieces and 4 channels in the mixer. However, only one mic is loaded, and appears to be assigned to two channels in the mixer. (They don’t sound any different to me.)

I’m assuming the work to be done on the BFD side is to properly access and route the mics to the expected channels. I can create a usable kit preset, but doesn’t look like I’m able to access the full potential for this expansion.

@jih64 if you have a couple of mins, what do you see when you load a CA CV preset?

Which expansion are you having issues with?
I have the Imperial drums.


Chocolate Audio, Contemporary Vintage BFD3

checked a few presets to get a feel for what there is to work with, noting similar issues with a couple other expansions from CA, i.e.

BFD Modern Retro: CHREM Alt Classic

  • loads 2 sets of mixer channels for Hi/Low toms. They sound the same to me. Further inspection shows a different assignment for choke group, not sure of the use case for this. The 2 Mid toms have different tunings.

BFD Imperial: CHIMP Basic DW Damp

  • loads 4 kick mixer channels but only signal in 2 of them
    (perhaps just simpler to ‘load all channels’ for each kit piece in this expansion?)

BFD Imperial: CHIMP Basic Ludwig A

  • loads 4 kick mixer channels but only signal in 3 of them
  • loads 2 mixer channels for 2 of the toms, apparently just not labeled thoroughly enough, appears to be 2 different mics?
  • the other tom features only has 1 mixer channel, but features an extra OH2 mic in the tech panel…?

    Perhaps not a big deal as i’ve never used presets in the past, but the couple I checked did not make a lot of sense to me given the “incongruities” with the mixer channels, but perhaps not understanding the intent or “design” goals for CA expansions/presets.

Yeah similar issue to what you have. What I have done in the past is just do a bit of manual work to sort it out, and of course make my own kits. Some presets are affected more than others, some only have an issue with the lowest floor tom, you can just tune it down, or better, clear that kit piece and then load in an appropriate one.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but lets just say for example you load a preset and the 2 hi toms and the 2 mid toms sound the same, take a look at the kit visuals, and you will see that those 4 toms ‘look’ like they are the same diameter. Then look at a preset where the toms sound right, all except the lowest floor tom, you will notice that the diameters in the visual change from smaller to larger, as it should, except for the lowest floor tom. Now back to the presets where the first 4 toms are the same diameter, you can start clearing each kit piece and replacing it with an appropriate piece, then you should notice that the can follow how they should.

Kicks, snares, and cymbals are fine. Sometimes you may think 2 kicks are the same, and they may well be, then some people play with 2 essentially the same. If you want to change it, you can just do slight tuning changes, and fiddle slightly with dampening, but they are easily fixed if you are so inclined.

While I’m here, In my opinion, perhaps the best expansion off them all, The Black Album Drums, is on sale at Don’t Crack, it’s not a great deal as deals go, but it is about $45 less than on BFD Drums site. It is far more versatile than one might think, and man does it sound good. I don’t really look when people tell me or I come across a post with BFD Expansions for sale, because I have got them all, but this was linked on a new site I have been visiting for plugins in general, I’ll leave the links here, and put them in that other thread as well.

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thx, seems like we have similar approaches. I build my own kits/presets and make good use of the options in the Tech/Model panels, starting with the tuning, same as a real kit. Just not clear on the logic for the presets I happened to check, but perhaps it’s just a template/timesaver more than a fully realized kit?

The Black Album has been on my radar as I was looking for toms with top/bottom mics and that was the only one I could find. Appreciate the comment on versatility, expected as much, but ya never know until ya start working on a project.