Content path nightmare again

Went through a lot of trouble with this one, due to BFD’s incompetence at building installers that don’t let you go through the “setup content location” game very often.
Now back to the Sleishman drums.

Rescanning, manually setting the path, nothing works.
Then I made the mistake of running a full scan on my hard drive. But this had too many results, so I aborted it.
Then I manually set the paths again.
/Library/Application Support/BFD Drums
/~/Documents/BFD Drums
/~/Library/Application Support/BDF Drums
Any path missing? Unfortunately, many old expansion packs are now also unusable.

Remove all content paths. Close BFD3. Create a folder named, BFD Content, where you store your samples. Move each expansion folder with it’s audio content in that parent folder. Any grooves and presets folders you can place in their respective locations in your user/Documents location. Add the BFD Content folder in BFD3 and it should scan all of your expansions and user content.

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Setting the data paths is definitely there in the 4th step.


Hi Fender_Bender and thanks for you advice. The problem, or more what I want to know is, if there are more than those 3 locations i described on the Mac where data is stored? And deleting the content path, did it just make more worth to me.
I am just checking with the BFD License Manager all my installers and will then just install them again.

Hi Stev63, right. Though this is not the only content path. It is only the one for the “data”. But nevertheless, they are not shown in BFD3 on first run. The rest is installed to the paths I described. But even when I set the content path to this, it does not work. See the screenshots. So also here my question again, is there a path missing in my description?
Because of the Early Access Price at the moment, I am thinking of also buying the Percussion expansion. But if this will be the same nightmare I renounce.
And it has not to be like this. Installed before Sphere. And it works fine. But some installers, seems mostly the old one, still FXPansion are the crappy ones.

That there is more wrong than the content path, shows this screenshot. Some are missing some not. Makes no sense.

And after reinstalling all, the BFD3 Presets still don’t show any sample as available. Yesterday everything still worked. For the Sleishman drums I will request a refund. For the missing BFD3 presets I will hopefully find a solution.
What BFD offers here is really an impertinence.

Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. No snares are displayed as available because they are missing in the installation data, see screenshot.

“BFD Sleishman Drums features a Maple Classic kit and a bonus reduced-detail 14” maple snare played with both sticks and rods (from BFD Sleishman Snares)."

My goodness, who comes up with something like that? So money back.

Those are the 3 most common locations. The 2 Library locations are where where some presets and grooves get installed by default.

The yellow triangles mean you have scattered audio/kit pieces somehow with that expansion. Which makes no sense. An expansion gets installed inside one audio folder, depending on the location you select during the install, as Steve showed.

For downloads, the LM sets the users/Documents location by default, but I think that’s a bad idea. You should use an alternate location like users/Downloads instead, so that way the installers don’t get mixed up in the Documents/BFD3 location.

Here’s some info on the yellow triangles issue.

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Hi Fender_Bender and thanks again for your help. Unfortunately you wrote this post before my last post, where I described the reason why it didn’t work. Besides Sleishman drum, everything is working again, also the BFD3 presets.

The yellow triangles for the cymbals are because this expansion doesn’t come with any, but the preset you loaded is looking for ones that you must not own. I’m guessing they used ones from the BFD2/London Sessions library. So that seems normal, in the case that you indeed don’t own that expansion. You can just load any other cymbals you have and save a new preset, but probably all the Sleishman presets will show yellow triangle for missing cymbals.

I’m not sure about the bonus snare… I don’t have that expansion. Maybe @Steve63 can chime in, as it looks like he does have it. I think I recall another expansion issue like this with a bonus snare not being in the installer payload. If that’s the case, then a formal bug report should be written to let the staff know.

And those are why in the preset? Strange for me. And the snare should be part of.
In the audio sample, 10". And yes no cymbal.

You know, the FAQ for this expansion says the download is 2 files around 1.2GB. Maybe check the LM to see if there was a second file for the snare that you didn’t download.

I think this expansion was released after BFD2, but before BFD3? So they made the presets for this expansion keeping in mind, that in order to use it, you needed to have a copy of BFD2. So users would have those cymbals already installed. I’m not 100% sure, but I think this is the case.

That ist what LM does every time

Result is one folder, 1,21GB.

No idea why they are talking about 2 files in the FAQ. Maybe this was once, but changed and not updated in the FAQ. There is not much more you can do in the LM, than let it download the licensed product. Are there alternativ download methods?
Anyways I opened a ticket, asking for refund. Thanks for you help Fender_Bender.

No reason to go into the installer folder afaik. That’s just where the payload is stored (it’s packed/compressed and cannot be read by BFD in that state), the BFD Sleishman Drums Installer/Uninstaller are the only two files you should use till after it’s all unpacked and installed.

As stated above just choose where to install it, then you can freely move the entire folder (maintaining directory structure is crucial to BFD recognizing the samples). I have all my expansions in a single folder called “BFD”, point the BFD app/plugin to that and it reads everything. I do it this way because it always worked best for me to point BFD to a directory above where the actual expansion folder is.

As far as the snares/cymbals/hardware go it’s usually just a bass drum and toms that comprise a drum set, the snare tends to be a personal choice that gets added on after the particular series drum set is chosen etc. I know it can seem misleading but that’s how it is.

edit - Apologies if it seems like I’m talking down to you, English is not my first language and it’s not my intent.

Hi snplmn, I just went to the folder, to show, snares are missing.

When you click on the Installed tab (top left) in the LM and highlight the Sleishmann expansion, you only show one line under “Contents” similar to below? I have Wooden Snare for example and it has two possible downloads under the “Contents”… Wires On and Off. I was thinking Sleishmann might be similar.

Hi Fender_Bender, all my available downloads have only one single line for install or download.

And mine looks different to yours. Maybe different on Mac.

Ok. I just took that screen grab from the LM manual as an example. Looks like they need to fix that installer to include the lite snare then.


Sorry, been working away.

There are two parts to the Sleishman kit, there’s Sleishman Drums and Sleishman Snares.

Can you tell me what the presets you’re loading?
I have 3 that came with and they’re SLM Sleishman Natural, SLM Sleishman Processed and SLM Sleishman Rods.
All kit pieces are present when loaded but only the Kick, Snare and Toms are from the Sleishman kit.

The hi/hat and cymbals are from the London Sessions (old BFD2) so if you don’t have the London sessions, that’ll be why you’re seeing the yellow triangles.


Hi Steve,

no problem. To answer your question, see my screenshots. And as already described in my posts before, the snares itself are already missing with the installer data downloaded.