[CONFIRMED] Outputs Mono/Stereo


Iam using the latest Version of BFD3 within Cubase. I normally use all the outputs and want to do so. However, it is not working.

For example: Kick in to Mono1, Kick out to Mono2. I set it up and then it works… and then after a while it stopped working. No sound is going to Cubase anymore. And when I close everything and start again, all settings are lost.

This is a big thing for me… please help. Thanks, Olli

edit: The problem is (I think), that BFD automatically sends Kick in and Kick out to Kick. And doesnt let it at Mono1 and Mono2 for example.

Hi @Ollimarc

Thank you for reporting this issue, I have passed it onto the dev team to look into further.

All the best, Rayne

Thank you.

I can put everything but kick in, kick out, snare bottom and snare top to the mono/stereo outputs.

Same issue here. I can’t able to route properly the snare bottom and top to different mono outputs (Cubase 12.0.20).

Same issue in Cubase 11.0.41.

I set route Kick(In, Out, Sub) to Mono1-3, Snare(Top, Bottom, Rim) to Mono4-6.
But they has been reset latest version.
I set again but reset every time rebooting Cubase…

I want to use BFD previous version untill fixed, is there a method for reverting?

Same issue here. (Cubase 12, BFD

Same issue here. (macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra and Pro Tools 2021.6)

Even after routing the kick and snare manually to the correct outputs, saving the session and re-opening the kick and snare channels revert to Master 1. This is a huge issue for me. Gonna have to revert to the last BFD3 build until this is fixed.

Oooo… okay, we’ve repro’d this in house. That’s a bit messed. We’ll get it fixed, and hopefully be able to put out a .30 build. Will raise with devs.


(By the way, it happened before)
Thank you, but… I have to finish many productions for my clients. I tried to revert to the previous version without success (License Manager tells me everything is OK and authorized, but the VSTi keeps telling me I need to authorize it).
So, please, I can’t wait anymore: can you explain the correct way to have the previous version working?
Thank you.

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@lordadb The previous BFD3 build installs the wrong LM ( You need LM If you don’t have it saved, I may be able to upload it here. Let me know.

Edit: Here you go.
BFD License Manager_3053_OSX.dmg.zip (1.7 MB)


Thank you! Unfortunately I’m on Win 10.
My LM installed version is So, Do I need to unistall and install again the old version of LM to have the BFD authorized?

We believe we have a fix. Needs QA to check it.

Yeah, sorry 'bout that man. I realized afterwards that heck, there is a Windows version too, duh. Which I don’t back up, but since they’re pretty lightweight, I’m gonna start saving the Windows installers for users if they need to revert and don’t have them.

Ideally, we as customers should have access to previous build/LM installers in our accounts, or here on the forum.

So back to your question… there is no need to uninstall when reverting or upgrading BFD3, or the LM. If you have the installer for, just run it and it will overwrite your current LM version with the previous one.

But maybe hang on a few days, as Drew says they can probably bang out a hot fix for this issue.

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I thought this yesterday but forgot again.

Yes, 100%

He already has it! Sent it over to him yesterday.

If anyone else wants it, ping me.

@BFD_Drew Wait, the hot fix, or previous version?

The hotfix. And it seems to work very well.


Yeah, he sent it to me. I’ll try it out in a bit.

Hotfix seems to be working for me. No issues with custom saved output routing now. Thanks for the prompt fix.

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Hi, where can I get the hotfix?