[CONFIRMED] Output assignments vanish

Windows 10 21H1

I’m not sure if this is a bug in BFD, Cakewalk by Bandlab (and also tested in SONAR Platinum, both 64 bit) or a combination.

Suppose I add a Kick drum (any) - in the mixer, by default, I have a Kick In channel, a Kick Out channel, both of which go to a Kick “group”, which outputs to Master.

I change the Kick In output to point to Mono 1, and the Kick Out output to Mono 2, leaving the Kick “group” still pointing to Master (and unused of course now). I then use the relevant VSTi outputs as track inputs in CbB.

At some stage, after saving and re-opening a project, but not always, the Kick In/Out assignments have reverted to the Kick “group”, meaning no sound is coming from Mono 1 or Mono 2 outputs, and hence no sound in CbB.

I’ve been unable to identify when this happens, so there might be some consistent step taking place at my end, so don’t have any more information at present.

Has this been reported elsewhere? Is it “expected” in some way (ie. I’m doing something in BFD 3 that can trigger this) or is it a new bug?

Hi @kperry ,

Thank you for the report, we shall investigate and be in touch should we require further information.

Kind regards,

I’ve reproduced 100% (in BFD3_3-4-4-2) and it doesn’t need to re-load the project.

1 - Open a project with Kick In feeding to Kick, Kick Out feeding to Kick and Kick to Master.
2 - Re-assign Kick In to Mono 1, Kick Out to Mono 2
3 - Right click and “Remove all unused channels”

Expected: Kick should now vanish as it’s not used

Actual: Kick reappears feeding to Master, Kick In and Kick Out both reassign to Kick.