[CONFIRMED] Macbook Pro M1 Pro - AU not loading data

After some hassle with different LM versions (BFD should really get a grip on that) I can run BFD in standalone. If I want do load the AU version in Ableton Live or Reaper, the plugin loads but I do not have access to any content. I only get a message “searching”. Left it over night, nothing changes.

Any suggestions?

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Try rescanning the content locations from there, within the DAW. Go to ‘Tools’, rescan option is under that menu.

Thank you for the quick reply. Tried that already. It gets stuck the moment I try to rescan.

The libraries where checked a moment before. The license button appears after the core lib.

Not sure why that’s going on, I’m on MAC Pro Monterey and Big Sur, not much knowledge with the M1’s, sorry about that, that licence button is not the problem, I get those on some packs too and there’s some posts on this forum about it. This is a reply I got from support back in May:

You can ignore the License! alert. The program is most likely seeing old FXPansion format licenses on your computer that cannot be authorized by the current license manager, If all of your content is working as it should, this should not affect performance. You can stop it from happening by deleting all of your old content and reinstalling only content from the current BFD License Manager as seen in this guide: BFD Drums

Thanks, but the standalone version is OK. This only happens in the AUi Plugin. Very frustrating, because I installed and uninstalled with different versions multiple times.

The next BFD3 build will have full native M1 support. It’s currently being beta-tested afaik. Your problems with Ableton/AU may have to do with Rosetta 2?

Good to know! So I will wait a little longer. I do not run Rosetta, Ableton now runs native on M1.

Hello @Hobbes

I can confirm this is a known issue and the BFD team are onto it.

Kind regards, Rayne


Same here, is there some deadline for this? Thanks!

(Edited) I forgot to add that it happened with Garageband and Logic X Pro.

Any deadline for this? I ordered BFD3 more than 2 months ago and still haven’t been able to use it in my DAW.

I feel scammed, honestly.

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Thanks for getting on this guys. I know keeping up with Apple is exhausting.

I’m still experiencing the same problem - standalone loads content but AU doesn’t. Any news of a fix yet?

Hi folks, I’m having the exact same issue on my M1. Also hoping for a fix soon…

I can confirm that I have the same issue. I’m unable to load BFD in Logic now, after updating BFD and then updating the OS to Ventura.

2022 Macbook Air M1.

Can confirm as well, can’t load BFD in Reaper under Ventura on a 2022 M2 Air, but standalone and Reaper with Rosetta works perfectly.

I have the same issue…

Just bought BFD3 during a Black Friday sale. Haven’t been able to use it in my DAW (Ableton Live). Running an M1 MacBook Pro on Ventura.

So, I just tried forcing Ableton Live to run using Rosetta, and it actually worked.
Now I can run BFD3 as an AU within Ableton Live.

This is a sucky solution, of course, but for anyone else who needs access to BFD3 within their DAW, even at the cost of no longer running natively within Apple Silicon, you can follow these steps:

Find your DAW application in Finder (in my case, Ableton Live). Right-click on your DAW and select Get Info. Then check the box that says “Open using Rosetta.” Re-open your DAW, load up the AU plugin for BFD3, and it should work.

Developers, if you could get BFD3 working natively within Apple Silicon, that should fix the AU issue and would help me and these other users a whole lot! I know you’ve been working on it; we will certainly appreciate when it’s done.

Thanks! I hope this helps others.

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Tried with Logic (Tried before, but just tried again). Instant crash to desktop, for me.

I have the Desktop App working fine, but no luck with the AU. It’s been confirmed to me that the AU is currently not ecpected to work, but my enquiry as to a rough estimate of time to wait has been left unanswered.

Can anyone who is on the Beta team please give some kind of idea of the state-of-play regarding AU ready-ness?


Yes - Same issue here in LPX 10.4.7 - Can we get some answer on this please?