[CONFIRMED] Dragging a groove to Cubase with "Export Audio not MIDI" enabled will block the plugin

Prerequisites: Have a BFD instrument created in Cubase. Activate all of its outputs. Then in BFD, apply an automatic WYSIWYG reassignment of outputs. In the export panel, arm all tracks, change to 24 bit.


  1. Drag a groove from the groove palette to empty space under the BFD track in Cubase’s track list.
  2. Release mouse button.
  3. Observe how export has been performed successfully.
  4. Observe how BFD is oblivious of how the left mouse button is released, and how it’s impossible to keep using the plug-in, except for disabling and re-enabling the track.

Hi ggmanestraki,

Thank you for your report.

I’m not being able to reproduce this issue. Could you please let me know the version of your OS and Cubase, and also if it’s specific to certain grooves please?

Many thanks,

Hey, Garcia!

Cubase is 11.0.40, latest win10, groove I’ve been using is blues 119.

Additional information to reproduce:

It seems that IF the mouse pointer returns to BFD’s window AFTER it’s departed for the first time (with the mouse button depressed ready for the drag and drop), the issue occurs.

See gifs:

BFD export audio success

BFD export audio failure

Hi ggmanestraki,

Thank you for this, I can now reproduce the issue. Seems like the key step was returning to BFD’s window. We will investigate.

Thanks again,

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