Drag and Drop Suggestion

This bug made me wonder,

Could there be some way of having the BFD window “shy away” during the drag phase of a drag and drop? There are many cases where a successful drag and drop becomes a game of first finding where to move the plug-in window, just to the right place or screen, so that we have the proper part of the project uncovered, free for the drop.

What if… upon selecting the groove to be dragged and dropped, BFD either minimizes or becomes some percent transparent (obviously allowing clicks to go through the window), up to the moment where we release the mouse button? The little notification window announcing how much percent of the export is complete could stay, it’s not that big.

Good idea? Bad idea? What do you say?

Good idea. So often have just dropped any-old where and then had to move/close the window to place the clip in the right place.

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Having clicks or mouse-drags go through the window probably isn’t doable. Even though the window is still there in a semi-transparent state, we don’t have the ability to shift focus to another window for the drop operation.

It might be possible to minimize the window in totality, but if we don’t have a way to shift the mouse focus, then nothing would happen.

Interesting idea, probably needs a feasibility check.

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