Can't register BFD3 upgrade without serial from box? (i don't have a box)

have not updated BFD3 in some time, wasn’t aware of the migration / company switch until now. ok then…

i can’t put a (21)xxxx serial number into the inMusic product registration box because that doesn’t exist. i bought an update online (in 2015, even) from fxpansion. still have the email receipt. never had a box with a serial number on it, just the product activation code.

support button doesn’t submit so, here we are in the forum.

BFD license manager also refuses to log in, i just get a dialog with the title “Login Error” and the message “connection error” and an OK button.

… what?

If you can login to FXpansion, you’ll be able to see your product serial #'s. You have to download the latest License Manager from and input your serials in that, not on the inMusic website.

@Fender_Bender yes, i have it. per the second part of the message, it’s not helping:

Can you log in to your account on the inMusic website? You’re using the same email address to sign into both?

yes i can sign into inMusic jusut fine, but can’t register any products.

you’re still assuming i can sign in to bfd license manager.

i get to “log in via browser”, click it, and get the message above. it does not connect, so i cannot put my email into it.

I know, but there’s something about signing out of their website via browser first, with the LM closed. Then, sign in through the LM, which should open your browser to sign into inMusic there. Then their servers talk to the LM and will prompt you to close your browser window. That’s what should be happening. If not, hopefully someone else chimes in.

i installed it on my laptop and it seemed to work fine, though it’s a month old windows install with barely anything on the system. it failed once, but worked when i closed firefox etc first, THEN it authorized. i can’t get this result on my main computer though.

it seems like BFDLM doesn’t see any way to link itself to web browsers on my desktop. like, it doesn’t know how to handle a URL request for some reason, and just gives up. monitoring it with procmon it seems like it handles everything else fine.

Which OS is your main rig on? Win 10 is minimum. Maybe change your default web browser momentarily, to see if the LM responds to another?

i just started it up again just for giggles and it connected straight away. unreal.

now of course, there’s another problem:


there’s a synth plugin called Surge that’s amazing. guy didn’t want to deal with it anymore, made it open source. it’s gotten some cool things added to it since then.

shame fxpansion didn’t follow that path. this shit sucks.

Have you migrated your FXpansion account to inMusic? They have to be the same email address for it to work.

Also FYI… Your BFD2 license won’t work with the BFD Drums LM/inMusic. See the thread here about Eldorado/London sessions.

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As Fender_Bender recommends, just make shure that you follow the migration process. To me it was a bit confusing but worked.

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