Can you import 3rd party samples in bfd3

i just bought bfd3 2 days ago and it is working great , i also bought a drum drops kit from the drum drops website , but bfd is not supported . Is there a way to get those samples and midi grooves imported to bfd3 ? i think it is the premier kit multi velocity pack . Is there a way to reformat the DD samples so they can be recognized by bfg3 ?

cheers for your time !!

Welcome to the forum @Stone1888. You can see this thread here and also search Drum Drops in the forum search, that will pull up a few other posts.

From what I gather, DD dropped support for BFD, but previous installed DD (FXpansion days) should still work with the inMusic BFD3. Have you added that serial to the LM? It might show authorized, but no download available. I don’t think any progress has been made on this front, so unless someone here has the old installer and is willing to upload it for you, you might be out of luck with BFD3. You could still import single velocity .wav files from the kit afaik, but that’s not cool.

if any body has an old drum drops installer they could send me that would be great ,( vintage 1963 premier outfits 54 drum kit ) When you buy drum drops kits these days they dont have any serials ,just order numbers and they got nearly every format ,except bfd . OH well i got groove agent as well and i should be able to make a kit out of them , so not all is lost . Loving bfd3 so far on cubase pro 12 , runs great even though vst2 arent supposed to run on it . I love the sound of drum drops kits , does any body know of any kits that are similar sounding , and available for bfd3 ?
cheers for your time !!

Unfortunately the older installers will not work at all in the newest BFD3. I’ve contacted Drumdrops multiple times to get this resolved, and they’ve ghosted me every single time. Really sorry but there isn’t anything we can do. They simply don’t seem to be interested in supporting BFD or their historic customers. My advice to BFD customers is to look elsewhere. Platinum Samples make some great libraries, as do Sonic Reality.


You can hardly blame drumdrops for dropping (sic) BFD support, when for a long time BFD had no support under ROLI and is now on life support from inMusic. I’m sure if there was money to be made they’d port their libraries to BFD format. It’s obviously just not worth the hassle to them.

I offered to do the repackaging work for them - all they’d have to do is upload to their servers. Maybe if enough users get in touch with them, they’ll reconsider.


Does this mean that older drum map files from 2000 won’t work with BFD3?

What do you mean by ‘drum map’ files??

I’m probably using the wrong term, but I remember when I first bought bfd v1 there were midi files that could be added to the bfd engine from 3rd party vendors.
Will these midi files no longer work?

Midi files can still be imported into BFD3, absolutely! You can just drag and drop them into the palette window and BFD3 will prompt you to choose a keymap with which to import them against.

I’ve got several of their BFD kits but that’s not one of them, sorry.