Drum Drops and BFD

Are there any owners of Drum Drops expansions on here and are they working okay with the new BFD?

They say they have dropped support for BFD but I’m assuming (hoping) the older kits still work okay


Yes, I have some Drum Drops kits and they seem to work fine. The authorisations migrated fine. I don’t know if the actual downloads are still available? I had backups of the kits.

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I have most of what Drum Drops released for BFD, and all of it works exactly as it should. It just needs an updated license string, like all other content. If you had a license over at FXpansion and did the migration, then the updated license should be in your inMusic account already. Otherwise, no reinstallation, no updates, nothing special is necessary.

Drum Drops offers zero support for BFD products. IIRC they also changed ownership, or management, or something. My account over there has none of my old purchases, of any kind.

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Yes I got a reply from Drum Drops to say they have no plans to re-introduce support for BFD.

Basically I was compensated with some serial numbers for Drum Drops BFD kits but I can’t download them unless I buy them so what I thought I was getting for free doesn’t seem to be the case.

It would have been nice to try them out but I’m not complaining. :wink:


Anyone else run into audio playback problems with DD based kits?

Pulled up a pre InMusic project this week using the DrumDrops Gretsch Round Badge Kit and tried running it under BFD3 Getting hit with seriously loud audio pops on just 2 of the 3 “KitMic” channels at consistently repeatable time stamps during playback. Pretty much kills the output settings for those channels on the first hit and eventually kills the audio engine. Also shows up in non-real time exported files.

Assumed this was a DAW issue as all BFD mixer outputs are routed to the DAW for mixing, but deleting all non drum channels/tracks and FX, scrubbing all MIDI input to BFD (i.e. clip boundaries (bounced down), edge values and events including fades) and deleting all BFD mixer FX has not solved the problem.

Loading the same BFD preset into another project also triggered a crash.

Wondering if it might be;

  • some issue with BFD3
  • corrupted preset load?
  • corrupted kit piece customization?
  • corrupted samples perhaps triggered by a specific velocity level?

Was planning to try reinstalling the DD expansion, but it’s not available as a d/l from either DD or InMusic. I’m sure I have the original installer archived (7 years ago) but given the current state of affairs, anticipating another dimension in authorization problems.

Any comments are appreciated.

I haven’t noticed anything with my DrumDrops kits. I use the Gretsch frequently. Can you identify a kit piece and a velocity level where it’s happening?

Authorization shouldn’t be any different for DD than any other kit. Mine are in my inMusic account, and show up in my LM the same as the others. I haven’t had any glitches with them.

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@kafka thx, hoping the reauthorization would not be an issue, but doubt that it’s sample corruption.

As you know, the DD mixer channels are set up as mics under the Ambient Aux instead of discrete kit pieces. I’m getting audible pops/spikes on KitMic1&3, rarely on KitMic2 and never on the OH/Room channels (see img1).

Letting the transport run will lead to louder pops which often (but not always) kill the audio for the drum channels (see img2).

Still sounds like a DAW issue to me, but loading BFD3/same preset into a new minimal project still creates audible pops, just at different times. Not seeing it on newer projects with different kit presets.

Continuing to clean up/strip down/delete every possible event generator I can think of (midi, automation/tempo nodes, clips, etc) for a project that used to run just fine. Hitting up the DAW devs as well, not sure they have a copy of BFD…

You can isolate whether it’s a DAW issue or a BFD issue by doing an Export (that button next to View) of the track from within BFD.

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@kafka Thank you for an interesting suggestion. I’ve routed all BFD outs to the DAW since day one, never explored the Export function.

my guess is the problem has to be either;

  • an event glitch in the DAW being sent to BFD
  • a BFD glitch trying to process an event sent by the DAW

the input to BFD is (6) MIDI tracks in the DAW (1x for Kik/Sn/HH/Toms/Cyms/Perc)

The images I posted show an instance of repeatable “events/glitches” registering as (meter overs) or full overload on consistently specific channels in the BFD mixer as well as in the DAW channels to which they are routed.

The BFD export obviously requires the DAW input to do anything, so not quite sure I understand how this will isolate the issue to the DAW or BFD.

Interesting to note the spikes have only (so far) been on the three KitMic channels. Not sure I understand what the difference might be if a kit piece hit (MIDI event from DAW) is supposed to generate some sample output for all of the BFD kit channels.

Ran a couple exports to check it out and all files are pop free. So there’s that.

Ran a few more cycles and noting both BFD and DAW channels still show meter activity after a glitch-pop but the Aux in the DAW for the drum channels has lost the audio output. Have to close/reopen the project to get it working again.

Leaning more towards the DAW atm as it’s an older project being resurrected in a newer version and it’s possible some of the new features are not 1000% backwards compatible.