Bug: BFDLACtool not found - wrong path

Got the following error when I went to use the BFDLACtool.


Did some digging and found the tool here:

C:\Program Files\BFD Drums\BFDLACTool

Maybe this could be fixed in a release soon?

I just checked the latest beta 3.4.2 and get the same message.

It’s quite likely they’ll be phasing it out as it’s becoming redundant.

I think most, if not all kits are now in the BFDLAC format and BFD1 & BFD2 are available as Elderado and London Sessions (Both in BFDLAC format) it’s unlikely anyone will be using it.

Were you about to convert some kits?



Just checked in C:\Program Files (x86)\FXpansion\BFDLACTool and it’s there and it still works.

Seems like perhaps it didn’t migrate or something. If you use it much you could create a short cut to your desktop and run it from there. I didn’t actually use it but it opened up fine.

Second update, move or copy the folder from C:\Program Files (x86)\FXpansion\BFDLACTool
to where it wants to find it; C:\Program Files (x86)\BFD Drums

Open BFD3 and check BFDLAC tool and it works from within BFD3 now. :grinning:


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