BFD3 making me pull my hair out

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if I could get some help here.

I have used BFD2 for years and recently paid for the upgrade for BFD3. I thought it was a decent price but now starting to realize why.

The upgrade has been a nightmare. I was first unable to install BFD3 on windows 10 as it was just hanging and saying two files could not install. Then for some reason, while re-installing the license manager, it suddenly decides to work and I managed to get BFD3 on my computer.

On my license manager, I have my Adny Jones samples, a free bundle called Horsepower, and my BFD3.

Only my pre-downloaded Andy Jones kit pieces are available. the rest of the BFD3 samples show up in kit selection but won’t load, and have a yellow “!”.

Very slow response from the company from their website and from facebook group.
Starting to regret this.

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Hey man,

Welcome. Sorry you’re having issues. Have you downloaded the latest LM here?

Here’s an article on the yellow triangles.

What I suggest is removing all content paths in BFD3 and starting fresh. Create one parent folder (ex.BFD Content) on whatever drive you’re using and have all of your expansion root folders in that parent folder. Then have BFD3 rescan for that new folder.

Also, fyi… you can’t use legacy BFD2 core content with this version of BFD3, but you can get a replacement serial which is London Sessions. It has the equivalent content.


You are just getting started with the regret my friend

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I just received a “Thank you for purchasing a BFD3 Expansion” email from inMusic today, for an expansion that I purchased almost 2 months ago. :upside_down_face:

Edit: My mistake. It was from BFD Drums, not inMusic. They also said, “If you haven’t yet, download your new product directly from your inMusic Profile”, which you can’t do either. The only way to download an expansion is through the LM. It just seems like neither company pays attention to the finer details, but those are what make you stand out as professional.


Hey there…i installed BFD a new, and guess what… it´s not working.
All is installed and i am logged in…and BFD 3 says, you can´t use it, because you are not logged in.
I closed the browser as said, and it´s not working.
I am really thinking of contacting a laywer, because what is happening here is pure fraud !!!.

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It doesnt matter how much hard work is put in if someone isnt working efficiently or cleverly.

They at least appear to be working hard?

If you’re genuinely unhappy and not just venting, start an email titled Formal Complaint, detail your complaint as professionally as possible and email here - and here -

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You know the thing is, i work since 18 Years since it appeard with BFD…believe me i know what i am talking about.
We should not forget on which side the prodessional work should be…on yours.
I can expect from a software which is 18 years on the market, to install and open properly.
BFD 2 was doing it mostly, now BFD 3 is not even close at Beta status…it´s a mess.
It will not make better behaving from your arrogant status. Your product is not working !!
I do not understand why after doing all the emiogration and nice help from your support, BFD is not openeing after 3 weeks anymore. I already deleted everything again…i will go to work on music again, and not talking about unprofessional Software. Sorry for the hard words, but it make …pull my hair out !!!


You’re not alone in your frustrations, hence those email addresses. It might not achieve anything, but sadly, approaching their legal department seems to be the only option left.

Might be a good idea, although I am even having bloody trouble uninstalling the license manager now :o

I can understand that sometimes these things happen when transitions happen but clearly there are a lot of people left without the product and are lost as to when or even if they can start to use it. They should be listing these issues with instructions on how to help and offer online or over-the-phone assistance to get people going while they work on the issues. I paid £50 to lose half of my samples.

Unfortunately, Superior Drummer cross grade is too much for me so for the time being I will just have to use my stock sounds. I have not got time to mess about like this. What a waste of cash. I cant see them refunding?

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Formal Complaint it. Email a formal complaint to either of those email addresses, just giving the main points of your complaint and requesting their complaints procedure. That will start the ball rolling. Send one to BFD for good measure, but my experience is they will just send you the legal email above. If youre in the UK you have I think 5 or 6 years from the date of purchase to pursue anything.

Request a refund, and compensation if you have to buy a competitors product to continue with acoustic drum projects. Under UK law, they have to start negotiating a resolution that all parties are happy with or you have the opportunity to take it forward as a civil claim via the small claims court.

Its time for BFD/inMusic to step up and deal with these issues rather than saying ‘wait’ with zero sign of any resolution being pursued and accuse people like me of making their jobs harder. A job is generally easier to perform if one isnt constantly having to clean up someone else’s mess, and this certainly isnt a mess being made by the customer.

I have less than two weeks before BFD goes into its 90 day time limited demo mode due to a subscription I wasnt asked if I wanted to part of, and I’ve not heard a thing back from BFD or inMusic about how they’re going to make this right. It just feels like they’re closing all doors and trying to wait me out.


Worth a try, thanks. I will update.

Removing the content paths in BFD3 has nothing to do with the LM, so you could re-organize your sample folder hierarchy and try re-scanning anyways.

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Managed to get it installed but could not even tell you how, just repeating the same thing, experimenting with drive locations and so on. Though it only played my Andy John’s samples. Then I managed to download Horse power.

Now somtimes the AJ samples work and sometimes they don’t, sometimes the HP work sometimes they don’t, while all the stock plugins with bfd3 don’t work while show up.

I am going to request a refund. How on earth they have got this thing out there for sale I don’t know.

I will take my £50 back and stick to BDF2 and wait a while and invest in something like Superior Drums.

RIP BFD. Very sad, as it was a really good bit of software that deserves so much more than this.


Honestly? You’re doing some really wrong. Without proper information, screenshots and the like, it is very hard for me to diagnose your issue.

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BFD2 is working fine.

Okay, so what is your BFD3 Core Library path? Can you send me a screenshot of it, and can you also dig down into any kitpiece and send me a screenshot of what is inside the folders there?

Can you also tell me the install locations of all of your packs, and can you post a screenshot of your Content Locations inside the tools menu?

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  1. The path is not scanned
  2. The library itself is not installed

On the surface, this looks to be true. There could be some strange data-pathing issues causing it too, so I’d like to get to the bottom of it. Can’t do that without the information though.

Hi, I am currently away for the weekend and will rever back when home and can take more screen shots and so forth.