BFD3.4.2.4 Released

I would say, updates and expansions you definitely need to be on line, to download updates and licence expansion kits.

I don’t know what the time periods is for the, ‘periodical’ log ins are but I’m sure I saw @BFD_Drew mention monthly but it wasn’t confirmed.


Just wanted to say something positiv. Update went smooth. All up and running. I am on Catalina.


Given that there has been so much speculation and opposition to this ,why has there been no unambiguous statement on the topic? Surely it wouldn’t take much for @BFD_Drew to tell us.
Have Inmusic changed the terms of the licence without telling us?

I don’t know, I know that @BFD_Drew is arguing against the new system but I would guess that if it’s still under discussion and no final decision has been made, then we’re not likely to get a conclusive answer until it’s decided.

I haven’t read inmusic’s T&C’s so couldn’t say but they may well be different to Roli.


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Just want to say I have had no problems with the migration or updating process at all. Worked perfectly

You sir are the minority

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Sorry to hear others are having issues

Just so I’m clear in my understanding…

There is no way to update BFD offline? If I log in from another PC, and download the updater, I cant copy this file to the offline PC and update BFD?

Meaning if I go thru a period of not having the internet, I wont be able to update BFD at all, even if I log in via a friends internet connection, and download the installer at their house, I cant bring the installer back here and use the update?

There are other scenarios I’ve had in my life that I expect to happen again that would make this difficult, any chance there could be a consideration put in the system help us types out?


Yes, an unambiguous statement would be good. That way, I could just some decisions instead of coming back here frequently to determine if it’s worth any more of my time.

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Hi Drew, thank you always for helping us.

I still cannot run LM3031 and it says not responding just like the last time.
What am I supporsed to do to solve this?
I had deleted all the paths for BFD3 and FXPANSION before running LM3031 tho…

Every time I start BFD License Manager, it starts re-downloading EVERYTHING. BFD, BFD content, expansions, etc. If I don’t check the download tab, it just keeps going and wasting bandwidth and storage! WTF??

EDIT: After installing the new version, running it immediately started redownloading the updater I JUST downloaded I deleted that download too. Restarting License Manager yet again didn’t produce downloads. There is SOMETHING NOT BEING SAVED in License Manager to tell it that a download has completed or been canceled. It should never even start downloads unless the user INITIATES the action. Stop even having a resume function that isn’t USER INITIATED.

First load of the new version, I decided to test to see if the BFD2 preset loading bug was still present, since it wasn’t mentioned by anyone, despite my asking repeatedly.

I tried to open a BFD2 preset in BFD3.4.2.4 standalone and instead of being able to see if the settings are screwed up, it CRASHED BFD3! [yes I submitted the crash report to Apple] THIS IS EVEN WORSE THAN BEFORE! When is this bullshit going to end?? (46.9 KB)

EDIT: On restart and re-attempt, it loads the preset. The Ambient Mics settings are STILL IMPORTED WRONGLY. These preset loading bugs random crashes are INTOLERABLE!! I am absolutely DISGUSTED at this product!

It loads okay here on windows 10 but only seems to have the floor tom.

OH and Amb3 are both set to zero whilst the Room is set to -9.69db

What kit should this comprise of?


BFD2 presets do in fact crash BFD here as well on OSX. ALL of the presets and kits for El Dorado will CRASH BFD. The ONLY workaround I found was to save those presets so they show up in the USER spot and then remove the others from the browser.

ONLY thing that will fix this is if ALL the presets are changed to BFD3 native ones. Hopefully that happens.

As far as the LM starting DOWNLOADS on its own that you have already done, this is a bug that they are aware of

There weren’t two groups set to OH?

How long does it take to fix known bugs like this? A variable is not set. If they struggle to find where the variable is being wrongly set, then just disable the automatic download entirely!

Ah yes, you mean in the tech panel?
Yes the room channel is still being sent to the OH channel

As I said, I don’t know what kit the other kit pieces are from but I assume they will be the same.


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I finally got around to updating. No problems whatsoever for me on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. I followed the instructions above. I also just installed an expansion with no issues either. Man, it’s really nice when things just work.

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So here’s a funny story…
I have old BFD 1 and 2 content as well as the new replacements Eldorado and London Sessions, plus a couple of other expansions.
I’ve been running 3.4.0 seemingly ok. (On MAC BTW)
So I Installed 3.4.2
In the various Kits, Presets, and Drums panels it now has 2 and 3 duplicates of everything.
It looked like it was seeing my old BFD 1 and 2 plus the new Eldorado etc. But I’m not sure.
I decided to select all the presets, kits, individual drums etc. and clicked HIDE. Start with an empty slate as it were.
I then went to the Scan content locations page and un-ticked everything.
I wanted to just start with BFD 1 (or Eldorado) and bring things in one at a time.
Under File, I selected IMPORT KITS, Followed some prompts and brought in the first DW kit,Ticked the box in the scan page and then loaded the kit and all was fine.
I then went to the Drums Tab so that I could see each individual drum, but there is none to be found.
I then tried to re-scan the contents but had some crashes, but also looked like it did some scanning, but can’t seem to get the individual drums to populate. (under kick, snare, hat etc)
I also tried to Uninstall from the new and improved LM, but it said it couldn’t find the uninstall files!
Is there a way I can just start over with just BFD 3 basic content, and then one by one add in all my other expansions?
My contents drive is all organized nicely but there’s just a lot of seemingly redundant folders all over the place in the Documents Folder, the Library Folders etc.
Can I do some kind of clean install?

I followed your instructions to the letter. Mucho grassy-ass!

Thanks as well for doing this release ahead of the Win 11 update which I am fearful about [i.e., messing with my dialed in Win10 system + Reaper.]

Cheers from a happy Canuck.