BFD Wooden Snares

Hello, first time here.

What a nightmare.

From fxpansion migration to bfd3.

Migration went smooth “initially”.

I then purchased BFD wooden snares expansion pack from plugin boutique. Then the nightmare continued to get worse.

From downloading the product to bfd3 licence manager. Invalid licence notification.

Contact with in music is none existant. After typing 20+ help messages.

I’m now stuck with a new snare expansion pack that cannot be used.

It has not been a very good experience for me. And feels like a kick in the teeth rather than an interesting future experience.

There seems to be no way to correct these problems, as no one seems to be interested in making contact possible.

This is the first time I’ve been able to make contact with BFD3 support in any way what so ever.

Sadly, if the situation doesn’t improve. I will not be continuing to use bfd products.

To me it’s gone from a highly supported product to a none help product and doesn’t go well for the future of what was a very good drum product.

All the bad to one side.

Anyone have any answer’s to getting the wooden snares expansion pack correctly registered from bfd3 licence manager’s invalid licence number.

Tried literally everything.

I don’t think it’ll work with the BFD license manager. All my BFD serial numbers are different than the original FXpansion serial numbers.

If I had to hazard a guess, it would be to enter it into the FXpansion site first, and then press the ‘Migrate BFD Products to inMusic’ button, which would generate a BFD license. The conundrum is that that button goes away after you migrate your account. But I wonder, if you register another product over on FXpansion, does it come back? That’s totally a hack, and I have no idea if it will work, but I imagine that even if it didn’t, BFD support would still be able to fix it manually.

FXpansion itself doesn’t seem to be allowing purchases, but it seems the dealer network is still using the FXpansion tools.

I’d send them an email at, and probably hit them on their contact page, too.

It’s been a nightmare.

No migrate button from fxpansion.

Fxpansion re direct me to in music.

No customer support contact from in music or bfd.

None of my bfd2 products work in the new bfd3 that’s why I purchased the extra snare expansion.

I’m having to rebuild 29 albums worth of material - not an easy task.

The onlt consolation I have is that I can open bfd2 - but I have to write down every drum instant and re program it in bfd3 - but the samples are missing.

If it’s not resolved I may have to re do everything in Superior drummer.

Which is also a big undertake.

From loving a product (bfd) to hating it is only just around the corner.

I now don’t even want to purchase the London sessions expansion in case that doesn’t work also.

Years of money and time down the drain. Whilst the loss of money is expected - time cannot be replaced.

I’m sticking with bfd for now, but if things don’t improve it’ll have to go - simple as that. Although I’ll be sorry to see it go after years of reliable and pleasurable service.

And while we’re at it - It’s nice to communicate with a human being.

Thank you for your reply.

Yeah, if you need BFD2/London content, definitely hold back on the upgrade until they fix that one.

I wouldn’t buy a London license. They said they’re going to gen a BFD Drums London license for BFD2 content, so I’d just hold out for that.

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Thank you for the email address you gave in your last reply.

I’ve just sent an email and had an automated reply - so hopefully it’s now just a waitin’ game.

It’s a shame to see such a good product not doing so well in the update stakes.

I’m just glad BFD3 is still in business. I was seriously thinking of how I would re-sample all my BFD libraries so I could get them into Kontakt or something. Wherever we are now is better than two weeks ago.

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Which BFD2 products?
Do you mean the BFD2 library or other expansion kits that were released with BFD2 like The 8 bit kit and alike.

I had to download a few of those older kits again and reinstall them and they’re working okay now.

There are definitely issues with the scanner, not just being sluggish but completely hanging and always with my midi/grooves library.

It has been a pain for me and a lot of people to go through this process and I think I’m okay is saying that none of the BFD team felt it was ready for general release and wanted us beta testers to test the process first but they had deadlines to meet.

I don’t know of any other software companies that have gone though this process and thus have nothing to compare it with but I can see that it would have been an enormous headache but sadly necessary.

As for support, as Kafka said is currently the only support available.
They need to update their website to either let users this before going through with filling out an on line ticket or remove the ticket process from the page until it’s ready for use.

Also, an email to all registered users on their database should have been easy enough to do.

As for The Wooden snares I’m not sure what to advise.
I have them showing up here but had to scan a few times due to the scanner crashing.

Where did you install them and have you contacted plugin boutique?
They will most likely tell you to contact fxpansion or BFD Drums though.


Hi Steve.

I’ve installed them to a new BFD3 folder in case all the bfd2 content stopped working. I did that when I first started with bfd3 years ago.

Wooden Snares downloaded automatically through fxpansion licence manager for bfd3 only - so I can’t use them in bfd2 (but I knew that would happen). But bfd3 licence manager through the wobbler of the licence issue. Now I can’t use them anywhere.

I’ve contacted Plugin Boutique but as yet have had no reply. And seriously, with the way things are, I’m not expecting one.

I’ve probably jumped the gun by buying this new expansion pack. But one tends to panic when so much music is at stake.

Thanks for your reply

I sense - yet another - 50 quid down the drain

Do the Wooden Snares show up in the licence manager?

If so you could try de-authorising them and run it again and see if it will authorise them at a second attempt.

There used to be a database file in the licence manager folder (I think) called auths or something, you could delete that and it would basically refresh the process and start over again but I can’t find it.


No - not in bfd3 licence manager. Or in bfd2 licence manager…

My free pack- for migrating (I chose Oblivion). shows up in bfd3 all is working.
That also keeps trying to authorise in fxpansion manager on opening, though invalid licence.

Wooden snares are in my fxpansion account, though only downloaded in their usual way through the copy link. They show up in neither fxpansion or bfd3 manager.

The situation has been made worse with this windows 10 update to the latest version situation. I’m now on my 50th attempt to get that upgrade as well.

I would like to take a long time off but this update situation doesn’t allow for time off.

It’s become a mess and don’t know which to solve first. Possibly a change of operating system as windows is a mess - to put it very lightly.

I’m now waiting for a reply from the email supplied to me. If that goes nowhere - sadly - I’ll have to say goodbye to bfd3 (very reluctantly).

You mean you’ll sell BFD3?

If you’re changing operating system you might find it works fine on your new mac, maybe not so with linux though.

I have windows 10 and the last update did ‘almost’ kill my laptop but my desktop came out of it unscathed.



Windows 10 update just failed again. still on 1909. Nothing wrong with the computer. In my opinion it’s just microsoft (yes - with a small m) trying to obtain more money under false pretence.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

So it tries to update and then says ‘update failed’?


Steve63 - by the way.

No I wouldn’t sell it (BFD3). It’s not working - so worth nothing at present market value. Not even worth scrap. I’ll just have to cut my losses (not cheap)

I pray they fix it all.

And soon. Very soon.

But the reason is not working must be something to do with your system, not BFD3 itself.

It’s working fine here on both my desktop and laptop.


It’s failed 40 to 50 times - I’ve lost count - no one has any ideas. Not even the makers - everything is up to date - even the bios. No drivers out of place .

Windows update has failed 40 or 50 times or BFD3?


Windows. BFD is just struggling. Though it has refused to start a few times.

Sorry folks -

Thread’s gettin’ a bit messy now.

I’m not good with this internet stuff.

Thanks for your replies (all).

Most appreciated.

Yeah I really think you need to sort out your windows first or change OS as I’m pretty sure your BFD issues aren’t related.