BFD Wooden Snares

No I know they’re not related. Both separate issues.

The computer is fine - that’s just going to be a future security issue.

The bfd issue and the wooden snares is only since the updated version of bfd3 and the migration.

Plugin boutique should have been and probably was aware of the situation with fxpansion and bfd3. They have still not got back to me. They’ll get another email today. I think they may have tried to make money out of a bad situation. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m guessing not.

I’ve also discovered that I can no longer run bfd3 in Cubase (latest version) unless connected to the internet. That’s not good or - I’m quite sure not ethical.

Not very happy with this whole situation.

Drew posted over on KVR that they’re aware of the issue with having to be connected to the Internet, and have promised to correct that one in v3.4.1.


Just had a very interesting email from plugin boutique over the wooden snares expansion.

They’ve offered me a full refund and are looking into things. So that solves that one for the time being.

I’m now very reluctant to purchase any more expansion packs what so ever.

I’ve managed to update some of my Cubase projects. Though I’m wondering now weather or not to swap everything to Superior Drummer.

Bad situation all round. And, once started there’s no turnin’ back.

Still love the bfd3 product - But time is now going to decide if bfd3 is dropped from my bag of tricks.

That’s if it’s not fixed soon.

There must be quite a few others now considering the drop.

I should at this stage apologise to plugin boutique for my comment on making money out of a bad situation. That doesn’t seem to be the case

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Just had the refund from Plugin Boutique for the expansion pack.

Fantastic and very easy to deal with.

If possible - I’d like you to be able to leave this thread open for a while.

Just in case anyone needs any info (though not sure what.

Still no (human) reply from fxpansion/inmusic or bfd.

Murt why don’t you just go back to 3.3 and wait this out? This is exactly what I am doing. If 3.4.2 works as the Beta testers seem to think it does, wait a week or so before going back to 3.4. There is no real difference between .3 and .4 in my mind. The Air efx are not worth the hassle using 3.4, especially as I mix BFD3 in Cubase using 3rd party efx.

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Hi silhouette.

That was the first time I tried it after migration.

It’s all fine now. Got it all up and running - looking good.

Just a lot of teething problems.


Presumably you are running things online?

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For the time being.

Not happy about it - but that’s the way things are at present.

I’m just glad it’s working ? (deliberate question mark there).

I also use Superior Drummer. But I’ve always preferred BFD.

To me it’s just a little more individual sounding.

Time will tell - but if it goes to a permanent online thing in the future I’m not 100% that I can stay with it.


The word is with 3.4.2 we will be able to work offline. I certainly hope so as I actually have most of the BFD expansions including all the Chocolate Audio and some of the Platinum Samples,

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