BFD Player and additional kits?

Hi there, I have an Alesis Surge Special Edition, and I was able to download the BFD Player today, but I’m disappointed to find the advertising for the Surge Mesh has drum packs that are not included in the player we get.

So two questions:

  1. Where can I find these particular kits? (Are they the stock kits from BFD3?)

  1. Can I load expansions or stock kits into BFD player without buying BFD3?

where can you download bfd player
cheers !!!

As of now, it’s only available to purchasers of the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit. It’s supposed to be available to everyone sometime this year.


Player soft launched as an included bit of software with the new refreshed Alesis kits. It will launch as standalone software very soon.

The included pack with the Alesis kits is BFD Dark Mahogany kit, which is a very rich collection of sounds derived from the larger BFD Dark Farm expansion pack. It has dedicated presets for the BFD Player software, and the newest version of it (which you will get as an update) has a ton of grooves and small content fixes too.

The packs in the screenshot above are in various states of development, and will be released when they are ready. They aren’t all going to be launch packs. One of them will be completely free (the Core Library) and the others will be affordably priced.

There isn’t anything I can see on the Alesis or BFD websites that says all of these packs would be included with the Surge kit - that wasn’t ever the intention. Apologies for the confusion.

I can show you where I saw them, at the bottom of this page: Alesis Surge Mesh Special Edition

So if I understand correctly, Alesis owners will later get the “Core Library” free, and will soon be able to buy other packs for BFD player without buying BFD-3?

But the current listed BFD-3 Expansions are not going to be compatible with BFP Player?

Alesis owners already get the Dark Mahogany pack for free, whereas it will be a paid pack at launch. Everyone will get the Core Library for free. Other packs will be paid (cheaper than existing BFD packs!)

One of my future goals is to ensure compatibility between existing BFD3 packs and BFD Player, and I’m looking into the feasibility of that now. It requires a lot of content upgrade work, so it won’t be something that happens immediately.

In essence, BFD Player will eventually have access to an entire universe of drum sounds, preset packs, and groove packs.


nice one , looking forward to it !! .

I’m very much looking forward to that. as soon as they’re ready you’ve probably got at least one or two packs sold to me :slight_smile: