BFD Percussion Instruments that don't work in BFD3

In the latest version of BFD 3 the following three instruments don’t play when loaded into a kit:

  • PER Household Trash Can BD Beater
  • PER Household Trash Can Chains
  • PER Misc Rain Stick

It’d be lovely to see a fix for these samples.

Many thanks.

What do you mean “don’t play”? Could you please expand on that?

Same behaviour as in this post:

In a nutshell, they make a clicking noise and send the meters into the red.

Thanks. I’ll try and reproduce here. But in the meantime, can you try deleting the loudness cache folder. It is located here:

Windows - C:\users\ USERNAME \AppData\Roaming\BFD Drums\BFD3\LoudnessCache
OSX - /Users/ USERNAME /Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD3

Then try reloading the drums again.

Many thanks, Drew.
I deleted the loudness cache and still produced the same result.
I should add that when the sounds are auditioned prior to adding them into a kit they sound okay.

Did you check the folder to see if you have 2 versions like I had?

The Ashiko and the Djembe toms can be deleted if it’s those ones


Hi Steve, yeah for those particular instruments there’s only one version.

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Right, I can confirm this is happening on my desktop too.
Deleting the loudness cache doesn’t fix it.


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Thanks for confirming, Steve.

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