BFD1 kit pieces in latest percussion download

Have just downloaded the latest version of the percussion kit and noticed that some kit pieces are not playing, they make a clicking noise and send the meters into the red.

I checked in the library and noticed that there were two folders for those kit pieces, one of which was labelled as BFD1 and it is those that are causing the issue. I don’t think they should be there in the download.

Looking in the library folder I can see that there are two folders for the PER Ashiko Tom kit piece and for the PER Djembe Toms. One of each folder has BFD3 at the end of its name.

I’m posting images of the kit pieces in the BFD3 drum tab and of the folder itself.


Just as an update, anyone else seeing this, it’s a simple matter of deleting the PER Ashiko Tom and the PER Djembe Toms folders. (not the ones with BFD3 at the end) and then rescanning.
Problem solved but I’m sure they shouldn’t be there in the first place.