BFD License Manager (Not Responding) - FIXED

BFD ver3.4.4 build 31 64-bit

I try to open BFD License Manager but the program opens and just says BFD License Manager (Not Responding) in the window title bar.

The window is blank and none of the menus (File Products User View Help) are available and the mouse cursor is in a rotating blue circle when over the window.

I have downloaded BFD LM 30622 and tried installing that but it is doing the same thing.

This happens when I start up my pc and try to run LM.

Have you ever used an external drive to download content that is not connected to the PC at the time of launching the License Manager?

Are you able to sign out of the LM? If so, try that, then close the LM, open and sign in again.

It seems like it launches in this state from the very start, so I think it is the same situation as this one:

which is tagged as expected behaviour. Well. I don’t think it is expected behaviour, expected behaviour would be if the License Manager could revert to a default path like C:\User\Documents or C:\User\Downloads if it can’t find the specified path, instead of crashing, waiting for the drive to come and connect itself.

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Been busy and not been able to get any music time in recently.

Not had any external usb’s plugged in but have changed an internal drive.

BFD runs as a program but the LM just hangs.Does that mean I have to uninstall and re-install everything?

Try logging out of the LM if you can and close. Download the latest LM version here and install. No need to uninstall anything. Log in and you should be re-directed to inMusic via browser. Then you should be able to re-authorize your products again.

I cant log out, LM sits with a white screen and then comes up with (not responding)

I have tried moving the LM folder and re-installing but it just does the same.


Was mooching the forum and finding out about various log files. There is a LM history.log in the users \AppData\Roaming\BFD Drums\BFD License Manager\Logs.

The log file listed the J: drive as the location for my downloads but when I installed a new hard disk the drive letter changed to H:.

I changed it back to J: and LM now works.


That’s great news. Glad you got it sorted out. I’m on macOS and not too savvy with BFD3 and Windows, so I couldn’t really offer more help. I’ll have to remember this though, in case it comes up again. The search bar on here really can be useful.