BFD£ has been disabled

Made the mistake of responding to a mail about a BFD3 update - I went through masses of problem during the change to inMusic a year or two backbut I thought they must have got thier act together now but alas no!

BFD3 has been disabled because you are not logged into your InMusic account. Please run BFD license manager.

Earlier today I downloaded the latest license manager - logged into my InMusic account - it authorises fine all my products are there authorised, shows me my products and tells me there is a BFD3 update so I hit the download button.

Tried a number of times now - all I get is “Downloaded: 0.0/74.3MB ? two files failed to download properly”

Can anyone tell me what is going on - I am logged in to the inMusic server as it’s authorising but now I can’t load the program because that is telling me I am not logged into my account.

Help somebody please!

I am running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit on an ASUS computer and it’s been fine for quite a few years until this. My PT installation is running fine and my internet cionnection is good.

Hi. Sorry you’re having trouble. The LM works for most people, but a few here and there have had issues. The easiest thing to try first is to log out of the LM and log back in. That clears it for some.
Next is uninstall and re-install, even though you have the current version. If you’re using a VPN, try disabling it. If your computer has both WiFi and a wired connection, try disabling WiFi.
There’s some other suggestions on this thread:

After that, I would contact Support.

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