License Manager functions very poorly as a Download Manager

I have installed BFD LM, as well as BFD3, from scratch on a fresh install of Windows 11 with no issues.
However BFD LM doesn’t seem to want to download the BFD3 content.
Ever since I started the process, last Friday, it starts downloading, at a very low rate, and quickly stops downloading after a minute or so. Sometimes, the download will go on for around two minutes.

I have quit and restarted License Manager many times. Like I said, I’ve been on it since Friday, and have downloaded 8GB so far. I don’t want to have to babysit the download through the rest of the content.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Not sure if it will help; but try changing the DNS on your PC from your ISP to Google or Cloudflare. That often solves weirdo download issues for me, esp on Windows. Also, make sure to set machine to not go to sleep!

Thanks for the tip, Neotrope.
I tried both servers but that didn’t change License Manager’s behavior.
I don’t really mind the slow download speed. If only it were constant.
The problem is once it stops, the download doesn’t resume on its own. And it’s pretty frustrating to have to babysit a download. Especially one that will take hours, maybe even days, when I have to:
start License Manager,
watch it check status of files already downloaded (it takes 2 minutes, sometimes more),
resume the download, (speed varying from 1700 KB/sec to 3800 KB/sec,
watch the download stop after a minute or so,
having to quit License Manager (clicking the pause button will cause the program to freeze)
restart License manager…

But the tip on changing DNS will be useful for other things.
I appreciate your help.

Well, I’m approaching the end of this saga, but that doesn’t mean I’m almost there.
I should be thrilled, but the experience has been quite frustrating. Honestly, disheartening at times.

Though I have downloaded 34.7GB of 37.9GB total, I’m still far from done.
As I have downloaded more files, the license manager takes longer “checking status of files already downloaded”. At the moment, the average is 13 minutes checking before it starts downloading. But the duration of the download hasn’t changed. It only works for 1 to 1.5 minute, once in a long while it reaches 2 minutes, and stops. Then, as I’ve already said, I have to quit the app and restart it.
And during that time it downloads about 0.2GB of data.

In the past hour I’ve managed to download 900MB of data.
I come from the dial-up Internet era, and it certainly feels like those days are back.
The worst part is that I have to manually download the files. If I could just click the download button once and let the license manager do its job of managing the download, I wouldn’t mind if the download rate were 1600 KB/sec.
But the thing is that the deal here seems to be “pay for the license, work to transfer the files from the servers to your machine”

Browsing through this forum, I’ve seen many people having trouble with the license manager during the migration period, especially with the license itself.
But mine is a clean, fresh install of both Windows and BFD3.

I’ve found one case similar to mine:

The user says the reply he got from support is that it must have been something with his machine or his connection. He even purchased a competitor’s product and downloaded the libraries without problems.
That’s not something I intend to do, but I’d appreciate if someone could point to any settings that I should check in Windows 11 that might indicate that the problem is on my system.

I’ve been away from Windows for quite a while. I used it until Windows7 was no longer supported.
Now I’m back. Sort of. I’m still using Linux as my daily driver, and will use Windows exclusively for music content.

After I’m done with this epic download of the BFD3 Core Library, I still would like to download an expansion, but not under these circumstances.

So if anyone can help me figure out whether there might be something wrong with my system settings, any tests I could run, before I reach out to BFD’s support, I appreciate it.

I was told by several support people that my case was VERY rare. After many months I was finally able to download the Core files again, but I didn´t dare try to download my other licenses like Horse Power, or the London Sessions. I´m now mostly using Toontracks Superior 3, because I have no problems with it. I occasionally use BFD 3, but as I said, I don´t dare try to download my other licenses, because the last time I did, nothing worked, and I had to uninstall everything. And then it took months before I was finally able to download the Core Library again. The reason I think it finally worked was because I upgraded to 1000Mbits download speed. But, I had 500Mbit before, and that has always worked for downloading much larger files. I run an online mixing and mastering service, and am uploading, and downloading large files all the time. This was the first time I´ve ever had a problem. I hope you finally get the files downloaded. By the way, I´m a MAC user with a VERY fast computer.


May not apply to you, but another gotcha I had with my Windows 11 NUC box on big downloads reinstalling my vast UVI collection, as the stupid Windows network settings having both wi-fi and wired network connection active, and when testing big downloads, not sure why it was doing wi-fi, which was only 92mb/sec vs 470mb/sec. Switching off wi-fi on that Intel 10th gen NUC, fixed the weird “three hours to download a 4GB instrument” b.s. – agani, may not apply to you, but another one of those weirdo things I ran into.

I recenrly upgraded an old Intel system to a NUC, and moved from intel Mac to M1 Studio Ultra – so I’ve been in “reinstall hell” for awhile now.

Oh! The other thing – go into your router settings and find the IP your PC is using and set that to ‘priority’ as this will then take priority over network traffic like your iPhone updating, or AppleTV updating, or smart thermostat downloading update, etc.


Thank you DiCarlo, and Neotrope for your replies.
Since both of you mentioned your hardware, which maybe I should have done from the beginning, as is common, even required, in most forums, here’s my setup.

MSI entry level motherboard
Core i3 10105
3 HDDs

Not enough for a producer, but for my needs it’s ok. More on that later.

I do intend to build another more up to date PC soon, but, for now, this should be enough for my needs.
My “music production” is actually for my own entertainment.

BFD3 offers much more than I need. Basically, I just need a drummer to jam with.
I used to have BFD Eco, which served my needs fine. Then I got an email from Fxpansion about ending support for BFD Eco, and at around the same time there was a discount to upgrade to BFD3.

The feature I make most use of is the Groove editor, as I’m just a hobbyist musician, not a producer.
The reason I didn’t upgrade sooner, is that I don’t have the knowledge to explore all the advanced features.

So far, I have only BFD3 installed on my computer, running in standalone mode. There have been minor issues, but I think it would be better to start new topics if I can’t sort them out.

I will now install Reaper, to test BFD3 in VST mode, and install other music production software and run some other tests.

Thanks again for your replies.

Hi, Everyone -

Unfortunately, I’m running into the same issues with downloads. I was able to get the BFD Core Library & Eldorado to download and install pretty fast after running the BFD License Manager using “Run as Administrator” BUT no luck on the other expansion packs since having success with the Core & Eldorado. London Sessions ground to a halt after just 0.5GB downloaded out of 20.3GB.

I’m not sure if it’s their server(s) or what. I have a fast computer and 1GB fiber Internet with not a whole lot on my home network. I have all kinds of other “big” downloads that have worked just fine.

If anyone has a solution, please let me know. I’m currently turning to other drum VST solutions in order to keep going, but I’d like to have all my BFD stuff back! Thanks!


DAW: Cubase 12 Pro (build 12.0.60)
Processor 13th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-13900K 3.00 GHz
Installed RAM 128 GB (128 GB usable)
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Edition Windows 11 Pro
Version 22H2
OS build 22621.1848
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22642.1000.0
Program Drive: 4TB SSD
Audio Drive: 8TB SSD
VST Content Drive: 8TB SSD
Storage Drive: 16TB HDD
External Storage: 10TB HDD
Carbonite Backup

Okay, this is whacky, but just for grins, I connected through my Nord VPN and I am currently getting a solid download of the London Sessions expansion pack. It’s weird because sometimes NORD VPN interferes with downloads, so I suspended it before trying to download BFD. Apparently, at least from where I am, BFD likes the VPN connection.

Some Lessons Learned:

During my migration to a new computer, I ran into a number of issues moving BFD3 and the expansion packs. Most of the issues were related to the BFD Licenser. Here’s what I learned -

(1) After experiencing the BFD License Manager error “Our server was unable to process the request. Please try again shortly. Server message: The request could not be authorized” - Logging out of my account on the BFD License Manager and logging back in corrected the issue.

(2) After following instructions to migrate from BFD to InMusic, I had to provide all of my old licenses to InMusic support in order to have the correct licenses deposited into my BFD License Manager.

(3) After several attempts of downloading content, I ran the BFD License Manager under “Run as Administrator” and had a little success, but the downloads eventually would stall.

(4) After again running under "Run as Administrator’’ and turning ON my NordVPN, I had total success getting all of the content to download and install. It’s odd that turning on the NordVPN made the difference, since NordVPN can cause some download issues with other sites.


DAW: Cubase 12 Pro (build 12.0.60)
Processor 13th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-13900K 3.00 GHz
Installed RAM 128 GB (128 GB usable)
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Edition Windows 11 Pro
Version 22H2
OS build 22621.1848
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22642.1000.0

Program Drive: 4TB SSD
Audio Drive: 8TB SSD
VST Content Drive: 8TB SSD
Storage Drive: 16TB HDD
External Storage: 10TB HDD
Carbonite Backup

Well, actually. I have not been able to download ANYTHING using the download manager for MORE THAN A YEAR. It KEEPS telling me it downloaded, but with errors. The reason that I am still using the program is that I invested a lot in it, and it would be a waste to throw it away. I am hoping for BFD4, which should have been released a long time ago, but I am sincerely sceptical I can ever get it to download.

SD works. Kontakt works. AD works. SSD works.

Yes, BFD3 works, but it cannot be re-installed or updated. I can only use it as is in the form I managed to install it on my mac

Yes, I logged out and in again, but to no avail.

I had to install version using my old computer, which is NOT an M1. I had to move all the extension files from my old computer, because they would not install from the M1.

I have just had it.

Hi, As you know I´ve been having trouble downloading Expansions for months, finally gave up, and bought Toontracks Superior Drummer 3 including the SSD with the sounds, so I wouldn´t have any download problems. That has been working great, though I did have an issue recently were Superior Drummer 3 was not finding the SSD, so I had to download the sounds. No problems, and Superior 3 is now finding the SSD again. Back to BFD, and my download problem. I recently tried something new, and it worked, and I was able to download all 3 x Expansions, Here´s the KEY!!! I enabled IN MUSIC in my privacy & security section of my computer. The BFD Support told me to enable the License Manager, but that didn´t work. After many months I decided to give BFD 3 another try, and checked IN MUSIC in my Privacy & Security, and was able to download ALL 3 X Expansions, and install them.