Bfd expansion pack

Hey guys! How are you?

Im about to buy metal snares, wooden snares or modern drummer snare select.

I would like to know if i have to install all the samples or i Can just install the pure and processed samples.

I dont need the brushes and snare off samples.

Im thinking of doing that so save some space.

Is that possible?

Thank you!

Surprisingly, BFD (or retailers for that matter) haven’t had any expansion sales this year that I can recall. I thought they may repeat last year with the expansion sales every couple weeks, but nope. I’d think there would at least be a summer sale coming up. So, if you can hold off for a bit, maybe you can get a better deal if you wait? You missed out though. One of the users here sold off all his expansions, including the ones you’re interested in for dirt cheap prices. I had no choice but to bite on a couple.

As for installing the expansion samples, you can’t choose to install only certain parts, but after installation you might be able to just delete say the brush samples and have it still be functional otherwise. Not sure and never tried, so do so at your own risk. I don’t really think there’s any risk. If it doesn’t work, just put the samples back and rescan, or just install the expansion again.

Cool Fender. Thank you.

That would be my next question. Im getting a lot of e-mails from other companies for memorial sale day but not from BFD. Actually if you look in different sites, the prices are all different from each other.

I will wait as you suggested.

Which of those 3 snare expansions would you get first?

I just can’t believe why BFD3 is not as popular as other software companies. It’s sounds better than all of them.

@Nacho Yeah, even non-sale prices of BFD stuff tends to vary slightly between the different retailers. There’s no guarantee that BFD expansions will go on sale during the summer, so if you think you really need something and can afford it, then just grab it. Or check the various marketplaces like KVR, ebay, Facebook, Knobcloud for potentially lower prices.

The only snare expansion I have is Wooden snares. All 5 snares sound fantastic, as expected. I have used in a couple tracks, but honestly I just tend to go with whatever snares are included in an expansion, unless a particular snare just isn’t doing it for me. What you should get really depends on the genre and vibe you’re after. Maybe choose one that has a combination of metal and wooden shells for versatility? The Fxpansion Soundcloud has more audio examples of the expansions than the BFD Drums site.

I’m guessing BFD lost popularity because of lack of a strong backing, funds and marketing over the years? Then, the transition to inMusic whilst saving them for the moment, presented a host of all new problems. Once negative comments and opinions start circulating, it makes it that much harder to get people onboard.

I do think that all the sales last year helped though because there have been plenty of new users having success and digging BFD here and on other forums. The BFD Player will be the next thing that can help them gain back some marketshare. The simpler/modern UI should attract a lot more users. Then, if it’s received well, BFD4 should be the thing that really makes a splash for them. I wish them well and success. They were once considered the king, fell off the map and now they have to work hard to get back to the top, at least in the overall public view. I myself still think BFD is the best-sounding drum VI.

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BFD Drums Expansion are usually cheaper at KVR than the BFD Drum Site…there is also a Memorial Day Sale…-15% Coupon…27th-29th.
With the coupon the smaller (4-5) snare expansion are a little over $40.00 USD ea…
You’ll need to do some listening/research as to what snare sound you are looking for…
and which articulations are included,some have extras for positional sensing .some use all sticks…some rods/sticks and some include brushes.
As far as saving space…Brushes on average are around 200MB per Snare and not all Snares have Brushes articulation…the “Processed” like in the Metal Snares Expansion is much different… little under 14GB …while the" Pure" is under 4GB , so most of the Expansion/Purchase is Processed…

BFD Metal Snares- (5) Snares (Sonor, Gretsch, Zildjian, Ludwig & Pearl)
BFD Signature Snares Vol.1 (Yamaha Artist Signature Collection #1)
BFD Signature Snares Vol.2 - (5) Snares (Yamaha Artist Signature Collection #2)
BFD Sleishman Snares - (4) Snares (Sleishman)
BFD Wooden Snares - (4) Snares…6 Versions ea (Canopus, Craviotto, Gretsch and Noble & Cooley)

BFD Modern Drummer Snare Selects is higher price because it includes (12) Snares (selected by Modern Drummer magazine.)

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Thank you Chaser.

I’ve been listening a lot and i cannot decide.

I usually play pop punk, metal in my edrum kit.

I was looking forward to get modern and retro and a couple of the snares expansions.

I’m between modern drummer snare select and metal snares.

Since i knew it and listened to it in youtube i always wanted it but it was to expensive.
When i found it at 99 i instantly bought it and use it everyday.
Actually, last week was just $79.

The interface is not modern or friendly at all. It took me a week How to understand How to assign midi to the pads. Honestly, so far, i don’t care. I really enjoy BFD.

The expansions are really good and not that expensive as Superior. I dont know why but i find that every toontrack’s expansions sounds the same.

@Nacho That’s great man, I’m glad you’re enjoying BFD3. It’s always nice to hear the positive experiences from users. The fact that you can admit some of it’s flaws and still don’t care, tells me that you “get it”. Just out of curiousity, what computer and OS are you running?

I used BFD1+2 when they first came out, but when 3 was released I didn’t upgrade. The drastic change from the UI put me off from what I was used to with the older versions and I think it was around $150 at the time to upgrade and I didn’t really have the money to spend. After using SSD4/5 for a few years, I finally came back to BFD with the $50 offer to upgrade from an older version. It does take some time to learn, but I figured out what I needed to know and got used to the UI. It really doesn’t bother me, except for the glitches.

I feel the same way about the Toontrack stuff. It’s too polished and compressed for my taste. Just has a plasticky feel to the sound. Even BFD’s pre-processed samples seem to have more life to them in comparison. But it’s all a matter of taste and needs. SD3 is obviously very successful and appeals to a lot of people. Let us know how you get on with whatever expansions you decide to get. Modern Retro is a great value expansion. Someone here recommended it to me. The only thing it lacks is snare drag articulations.

I will buy modern retro for sure.

I really like modern retro, oblivion and dark farm. The Dunnet expansion and Yamaha Oak Custom sounds really good as well.

I’ve seen many people using evil drums and drum libraries from platinum samples. Are they still available?

I have a Msi and Windows 11.

@Nacho I was recently working on a short track to showcase the Oblivion expansion in action. Here’s an early version. These are just the dry drums and yet they sit in the mix so well already. I’m really impressed with Oblivion and it’s become one of my favorites. I have to put this project on hold for a couple months, as I have to go home to be with my mom. She’s not doing well.

Yes, you can still purchase the Platinum Samples expansions for BFD, but they can be a bit pricey. Go to the store link to see the prices.

Sounds really good.

I like How the Mapex snare was sampled in that library. The kicks also sounds great.

I believe it’s not just metal. You can use it also for genres like punk or pop punk.

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Thanks. I did use the least processed versions of the samples and thinking about it some more, them having some slight processing already, is probably why the kit does sit in the mix so well, even without any FX, or plugins.

I actually used the Mapex snare as the main, but blended in a little of the Brady snare as well. It adds just a touch of fullness. And even though they’re the same kicks, I did blend one of the more processed ones with the least processed version because it had a good beater click.

It does seem to be a pretty versatile kit. I just went the metal route with the track because I already had a good template setup from when I last made a track using the Crush expansion. So I just went with a similar vibe instrument-wise. I just wish the ride did include a bow/hit articulation though. The Edge artic makes it very aggressive sounding and kinda limits how you can utilize the ride.

Now that i think about it, i’ve seen like 10 times a Dunnett TI preset you posted on youtube. I liked it a lot, specially the snare ring. Great job.

Thats what i want to learn, How to create my own presets.

I like crush, specially the cymbals. Im a big Meinl fan.
The hi hat it’s sampled to perfection.

Thanks Nacho. I have to travel back to the US today to see my mom. She’s not doing well unfortunately. I am bringing a bunch of my music stuff with me, so when I get settled there, I’ll send you the Dunnett Ti preset I made if you want to check it out. I thought I posted it here, but apparently not.

I’m not really using the BFD3 FX anymore, but my advice for creating presets is this. Before you start adding eq, comp, ect, just get the dry kit sounding as best it can. Spend time getting your kick and snare direct channel balances nice. That’s how you really shape the sound of those most important kit pieces. Spend time learning what all the kit tweaks do. Work on all the kit piece send levels to each ambient channel and the balance of the kit in each of those channels. This has been my approach. I try and get the dry kit sounding as good as it possibly can. Then you always have an inspiring kit sound for when you start building compositions. After that, you can start adding processing if you want.

Sorry to hear that man. Hope everything get better.

I will try to learn what you say. I’ve never tried because i just sit on the kit and use a preset and play.

You are not using BFD any more?

Thanks man. Not looking good for my mom, but I guess death is apart of life and we have to cope with it somehow.

I just meant I’m not really using BFD3’s onboard FX anymore. I record the tracks in my DAW and mix it there instead.

I’ll send you that Dunnett Ti preset now via PM.

Guys, i’ve a question:

Whats the difference between a small, medium and full instalation.

I’ve seen in the kve deals that you have 3 installation options. I wonder whats the difference between them?
Maybe the mics?

It means how detailed the installation is. My guess is you get less sampled velocities the lower you go? I’ve always used full detail. I think this was more a thing from the old days, when hdd storage was more expensive and smaller capacities on consumer setups. Today, that’s obviously not an issue for most people. So just stick to full detail if you have the space.

Will do Fender.

Any idea of when is a Bfd expansion deal?

Not sure Nacho. I still can’t believe we’re into June and still no sales this year. I think the sales before, were really helping to attract new users. Even if they did one every month or two, with just a few select expansions would keep the interest going, especially with the Player still MIA and BFD4 way off in the distance. They’re gonna lose all the steam they built up thus far.