BFD Dark Farm Expansion Pack

I just saw this in my YouTube feed. Great room sound and very polished with a lot of punch and detail. Nice job @BFD_Drew & team. I had no idea you guys were working on expansions. Keep 'em coming.


Wow. That’s a bit … erm… premature! :rofl:

Ahem… nothing to see here. Wait a week!!


You took the video down, but it’s still up for sale? I’m confused. Also, that’s not fair. :smirk:

Okay, this is out now!


Uh - sounds great. Good job!

That kit sounds really great in that room. Getting those full room tails is what really distinguishes BFD. Keep the expansions coming.

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I think this is one of the best yet, loving it!


Same studio as some Get Good Drums libraries I think (?), but a different flavour due to the different approaches. Sounds great to my ears and I’m looking forward to using it.

Here’s two drier clips that were requested by a user. Thought I’d make them public. There’s a bit of EQ and saturation in places, but it’s pretty RAW all the same.


I bought it and it does indeed sound great! Good job.

I found the presets pretty useable as well, which is not something that I usually say!

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Hey, why can’t I upload HQ, 2 min audio tracks here on the forum too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I gotta have some perks!


You’ve already got plenty of perks. You get to be around and play with world class drum kits and outboard gear. Hehe

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Just bought this and set up my first kit and without doubt the best kit yet, sounds fantastic and the most realistic.

Kit 1 is as follows

Ludwig Kick
Ludwig black beauty snare
Zildjan sweet hi-hat
Dw Toms hi,mid and low
Zildjan crash of doom
Zildjan sweet crash 16
Zildjan sweet ride 23

I like to load all to ram and that lot is a whopping 83gb !!! and now you know why it sounds so good and more detailed.

The bugs

On the kit mixer channel i appear to have a second snare bottom that does nothing

I like to turn off all the bleeds on each kit piece and despite having done that there is still bleed on the hi-hat, mid tom and low tom channels.

Looking forward to setting up the other kits to see how they are going to sound but it looks like this will be my go to expansion for my compositions. If there are going to be other expansions in the future this is the standard they will have to be made at.

A link to some of hammies music all drums are BFD

Thanks hammy

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Same bugs as above for any other kits i set up today, can anyone else confirm the same is happening for them ?. Set up the copper kit and that was 92gb loaded into memory, but all the individual kit pieces are really good, love how each snare has its own tonal personality. Using the mic channels i.e. overheads rooms etc allows you to really sculpt the sound to your preference, plus all the same mix channels are available across each individual kit piece (for instance usually on a kick you only get overheads, room and ambiance), this makes it feel more like the kit is in the same room.

It’s been a while without any discussion of this expansion that I’ve seen.

I am curious about how any of you that have this expansion feel about it.

Thanks in advance!

This sounds amazing, really impressive.

I like it a lot.

Kind regards,

Living Room Rocker

hello, which one is better? this or horsepower?

I am listening to the expansion (recently bought) and it sound great.
But I came to a VERY weird issue:
The Cymbal is panned (single mic) to the opposite side as it is on the Overheads.
It’s like this for all the presets.
There’s a reason for that?
Thank you