BFD Dark Farm Expansion Pack

So I finally grabbed Dark Farm during the latest sale. I’m not really in the need for kits, but that price seemed like too great a deal to pass up. You really get a lot for your money. I didn’t realize this thing was almost 90GB?!! It downloaded and installed fine though, just took me a couple days. It’s quite a RAM hog as well… I’m gonna have to use 4 memory slots, instead of 3, which in my Mac Pro, takes a small performance hit.

I just quickly loaded a few of the presets to hear it in action. Sounds so good… seems way more detailed and punchy, compared to older expansions. I’ll take a deeper dive in the future when I have time, but this seems like a great expansion to have in the arsenal.

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Honestly, it is our best pack, BY FAR.

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Great job to you and the team. I think it was a really important expansion for the brand because it was so out of the blue and at a time when the confidence with users was a bit up in the air. You really made a statement with the quality and let people know that BFD was actively working behind the scenes. It was a much needed release.

In your opinion, what was it about the sampling process that went into it, that made it turn out better than previous expansions?

Also, I don’t see a FAQ for Dark Farm on the support page? It would be cool to have some info on the ambient channels especially. I see there are 2 OH’s and 2 rooms and just want clarification on the differences and the other character mics.


I also have it.
I would really like to know more about the tech details of the channels (rooms, OHs, etc)

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It is excellent and my favourite expansion.

I have it, but havent been able to use it yet. Why is it so big 90G ?

There are 3 kits with their own distinct shell samples and a pretty large compliment of cymbals? It’s really like 3 expansions in 1.

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I’m trying to get a dry sound like this,any change of sharing preset?

Use one of the “Raw” Presets…drop the AmbMix all the way down…

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These are pretty hot! I had to turn down the main gain to -10 so to not blow my ears off!